top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. AAA ended their year by crowning El Patron Alberto as champion, ending the two year reign of Texano Jr. That match and Aerostar unmasking Super Fly were the biggest and best matches on the show, both delivering on the stories they’d told to that point to the crowd’s approval. The undercard was more of a preview for 2015: Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider won the tag team titles to set up Myzteziz & Fenix as challengers, the women continue to have pull apart brawls, and an unexplained angle led to Cibernetico showing up about 3 minutes after his match ended. (His team did not win.) TripleMania was arguably the best AAA show of the year, but Guerra de Titanes was not far behind. AAA’s TV backlog means this won’t air until January, though it did air on PPV (but not iPPV.)
  2. CMLL did not run a Year End Show in 2013. CMLL ran a Year End Show in 2014, an Infierno en el Ring cage match. 2013 was better. Felino lost his hair to Rey Bucanero in a finish that was not surprising, not interesting, and not any good. CMLL’s year end shows have been notoriously poor in recent years (the last good one was in 2009), but this was still bad by any standard. Bucanero was immediately thrust into a feud with Volador Jr., who could mean in an unimpressive match in 2015.
  3. Octagon, who earlier said he quit AAA to go his own way, is now claiming he was unfairly fired by AAA and is suing for back pay. Octagon is not suing for his own name, saying he owns it and AAA tried to take it away from him. (AAA’s continued to make merchandise deals with an Octagon like figure on it, but have said they’re Octagoncito items.) Octagon has gone to every gossip show who will have him to talk about this the last couple of weeks, while AAA has said nothing.
  4. CMLL’s not done much on it’s Friday night shows, but has put together much better main events on it’s less attended Tuesday shows. Virus kept his lightweight title over Dragon Lee, and Guerrero Maya & Delta kept their tag team titles over Cavernario & Hechicero. Both are reported to be great matches, but it’s unclear why these matches are happening on Tuesday while CMLL’s bigger shows are not good. (It’s totally unclear why CMLL does anything.)
  5. Lucha Underground continued to produce very good shows to a small audience. They’re taping in January, though they’re also not announcing the tape dates until January.
  6. El Patron Alberto added ROH matches to the wide array of promotions he’ll be working for in 2014. There are reports he’s been contacted by Bellator as well. Alberto’s said to have not actually signed with Lucha Underground yet, but is still expected to be there in January.
  • CMLL announced they’d run shows of young wrestlers and trainees on Saturdays in Arena Coliseo. CMLL announced the debut show, which had the same people CMLL books on pretty much every show. No explanation.
  • CMLL moved their Sunday Guadalajara shows to Fridays. They did not announce this – the cards were just listed as Friday suddenly, with people who were actually already booked in Arena Mexico. CMLL then threw together an unimpressive card with people actually available to work a Friday card (the move was appeared to be a surprise to the people who book these shows) but actually did OK attendance because it was a holiday. There’s been no explanation of the move nor any particular promotion for it
  • Ramstein & Cholo, masked rudos who’ve been stuck in the opening match forever, are now feuding with rising stars Star Jr. & Soberano Junior. CMLL’s held an apuesta match with opening match wrestlers in January the last few years, and these four may be this year’s finish.
  • Marco Corleone was knocked silly when the top rope snapped and hit him hard in the back of the head. It looked bad, and ended his singles match with Terrible, but he was fine and wrestling again the next day.
  • Syuri won CMLL’s Women’s Title from Marcela in Japan.