CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-10-11


taped 2014-10-03 @ Arena México

Angel de Oro easy tope onto his feet

Stuka Jr. vs Delta in a Copa Jr. VIP eightfinal: Delta picked a match with Stuka to wear a blue outfit, no wonder Stuka wouldn’t shake his hand. Delta had one of his finishers kicked out of and lost to a cradle that never ever works, so that’s something.

Máximo vs Puma in a Copa Jr. VIP eightfinal: Puma had new gear. Puma had a whole lot of tape on his shoulder. Puma and Maximo did butt biting spots. Puma didn’t get to do much cool and then he was done.

La Sombra vs Ángel de Oro in a Copa Jr. VIP eightfinal: La Sombra didn’t care about anything then, one crowd shot later, Sombra had Angel de Oro on the mat. Tough match for Angel de Oro. He did sell well, his tope was fine and he might actually have a good match with Sombra if given time because he was fired up to try here, but this wasn’t going to work.

Euforia meets the Rush dropkick

Rush vs Euforia in a Copa Jr. VIP eightfinal: Euforia seemed to be a secondary figure to Rush’s battle with Tigre Hispano, but he went up for Rush’ moves fine and came as close as he was going to convincing the crowd of a victory on the powerbomb.

Máximo vs Stuka Jr. in a Copa Jr. VIP quarterfinal: Stuka was a pseudo-rudo in both matches. If I ever get back to the La Laguna research (next spring?), I’ll have to figure out if he was ever one for an extended period of time. He hasn’t been one in CMLL and it’s a pretty long career run without a turn.

La Sombra vs Rush in a Copa Jr. VIP quarterfinal: Sombra and Rush were the best best friends ever. Heartwarming. Just reclining in the ring and chatting was such a heel move, and the sequence of them trying really hard at the basics just to show they could if they wanted was also fun. This, including both men refusing to let the other person pin them, was everything I wanted it to be. All these matches are jokes but this one was funny.

dueling takeout topes

La Sombra vs Máximo in a Copa Jr. VIP semifinal: How bad is Tigre Hispano? Tigre Hispano is so bad that he tried to count a pinfall on Máximo before the match started. Match was really any better, with Sombra dominating the action and then gifting Máximo a win. This tournament accomplished nothing and made everyone (except Rush & Sombra) look dumb.

Mephisto, Thunder, Último Guerrero vs Diamante Azul, La Máscara, Volador Jr.: [OK] After the rest of the show, I was more interested in rooting for this show to be over than to watch more matches off this show. Didn’t help when this one was so obviously edited to start and definitely didn’t help when Volador and Mascara spend the last fall and half fighting as partners. Diamante Azul seemed to slightly bounce his head off the floor on his dive because Thunder wasn’t in the right spot. Ultimo Guerrero was roughly 2000% better catching Volador’s dive. Mascara repeated failures against Thunder worked, but I wouldn’t have mind not seeing them together in the first place.

yea, let’s just do dives