AAA on Televisa: 2014-10-11


taped 2014-09-26 @ Domo Deportivo Noe Hernandez, Zumpango, Estado de México

Aerostarcrazy sprigboard reverse tope

Aerostar vs Hijo del Fantasma © for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship: [GOOD] A match built around dives, and Aerostar is good for that sort of match. He got in most of his big ones here, while Fantasma landed his own tope and Niño Hamburguesa got one in as well. The action when they were back in the ring lacked a little bit – there were never series of moves, but spots and resets to other spots. They did have the one moment where it looked like Aerostar could win, which needed to happen, but there wasn’t as much here as you’d think for the time. This was good, but they could’ve have a better match. Zuniga correctly naming the Fuerza Aerea Generacion Uno is the biggest upset of the year. Wikipedia for the win. Arturo learned the “camel clutch” joke during this match.

Fantasma take out tope
this seemed much more painful than planned

Bengala, Blue Demon, Fénix vs Pentagón Jr., Steve Pain, Villano IV: [OK] Really one sided exhibition for the técnicos. The rudos got a couple minutes of the match, but the técnicos could do whatever they want. Blue Demon in particular should probably demand to work against the rudo trio for the rest of time, they made him look like a million bucks. Fenix and Bengala look good, but they generally do and this was perfectly fine for what it was. Pain picked up right where he left off.

Pentagon and Bengala attempt to murder each other
Fenix tornillo
Jack easy springboard moonsault

Angélico & Jack Evans vs Averno & Chessman: [OK] Chessman isn’t quite the same as Mephisto, but he’ll work. Averno and chessman were pretty well coorrdinated as a team quickly. I was disappointed that this match came to an end so quickly because they seemed to have obvious chemistry with Jack and Angelico and this went striaght from the comeback to the run-ins. This was all a setup for the Hell Brothers reuniting at the end, might as well save the bigger match for another occasion, just hoping they get that other occasion. Fantasma, Eterno and Steve Pain seemed totally confused as to what they were supposed to be doing after the Hell Brothers revealed themselves as a new unit, which does kind of fit the story. Cibernético as guy who hits people from behind with chairs, hands out t-shirts, and sits in the ring cutting promos with a spotlight on him is by far the best use of 2014 Cibernético.