Infierno en el Ring, Octagon

Today is CMLL’s Infierno en el Ring. Hooray? Breaking down the ten people in the cage

no chance they’re losing their hair

Shocker – two hair loses in a year is a bit much
Volador Jr.
Marco Corleone
Ultimo Guerrero

Very Small Chance

Barbaro Cavernario – this would be so dumb but I can’t rule it out becuase he’s so new
Terrible – he loses all the time so it’s not out of character but would seem such a waste

Decent Chance

Blue Panther – the other two are so obvious that they may got in another direction just as a surprise
Rey Bucanero – lost in these before!
Felino – to be honest, amazing he’s gone this long without losing his hair

I’ve been think it’s finally Felino’s turn since they started in this direction. This whole thing is the illusion of putting on a big show without the actual effort of one, and that fits 2014 Felino well. Volador or Maximo getting a win makes some sense, but I like the idea of normal partners Cavernario and Felino being stuck in the cage together at the end and Barbaro getting the big win.

Felino says he’d like to face Rey Bucanero, Maximo or Blue Panther at the end.

Octagon, making appearances to theoretically promote FULL shows, says he’s going to sue AAA for rights to the Octagon name and wrongful termination. Wrongful firing is especially strange because he was quite upset with AAA at the start of the year and it sure sounded like he wanted to quit and not work there anymore. Even if it was a firing – which it probably wasn’t – AAA would’ve been in their right to stop working with a guy who was performing like Octagon. AAA’s been quiet on the Octagon situation previously probaby. because the public would tend to take the side of a famous luchador against them. However, if AAA went public on the problems with Octagon, Octagon would end up looking very bad. I don’t think anything more is going to happen.

ChilangaMask and the Tigre Rojos announced they’ll be running a show in Puebla’s Arena Coliseo San Ramon next month.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob has a music video of AAA 08/06/14.

Saeta Morelense Jr. lost his mask in Cuernavaca.

Fuego en el Ring premieres it’s radio show this Sunday at 3pm on 1370 AM in Guadalajara. There’s a stream of that station here.

Lucha Libre in Japan

12/05 NJPW: Rob Conway [O] & Jax Dane b Tetsuya Naito & La Sombra [X] [WTL]
Naito & Sombra fall to 4-3. After tie breakers, that means they’re the usual CMLL position of fifth. Sombra is in the semifinal atomicos on Sunday before returning to Mexico. Sombra’s atomicos match from the day before is here.