DTU extreme tournament, AAA in DF, CMLL preview

DTU (THU) 11/27/2014 Autolavado VM, Tulancingo, Hidalgo [DTU (1), DTU (2), DTU (3), DTU (4), DTU (5), DTU (6), DTU (7), DTU (8), DTU (9)]
1) Violento Jack b Black Baby [chairs, Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, quarterfinal]
Black Baby was a surprise wrestler. Violento Jack won with a lairat in 8:59.
2) Paranoiko b Jhonky [thumbtacks, Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, quarterfinal]
7:14, powerbomb onto tacks
3) Cíclope b Aero Boy [barbed wire, Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, quarterfinal]
11:51, front suplex onto a table with barbed wire
4) Ángel o Demonio b Ovett [barbed wire bat, Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, quarterfinal]
19:34, arm submission with barbed wire bat
5) El Junior, El Nene, Kalibus b Jimmy, Kevin, Tony
25:34. Los Nerds want a apuesta match on the 12/19 DTU show back here in Tulancingo
6) Cíclope b Ovett [Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, semifinal]
14:36, powerbomb onto light tubes
7) Violento Jack b Paranoiko [Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, semifinal]
16:27, ViolentoDriver
8) Drastik Boy & Zema Ion b Hacker & Septimo Dragon and Black Fire & Slayer Pack
22:58, Ion & Drastick beat Septimo & Hacker
9) Cíclope b Violento Jack [Maxima Ofrenda Ultraviolenta, final]
18:14, via shining wizard after a match with barbed wire, light tubes and industrial saws

A DTU show with times and results provided by DTU! I’m confused and happy, probably happier than the guys in those matches. This is the last show prior to their big Decemeber tour, which will probably include that teased apuesta match.

AAA tapes TV in Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera for the first time since April tonight. There was a sponsored show back in August, but they haven’t gotten near the amount of dates on their ‘home’ as they planned for this year. This will be the last TV show before Guerra de Titanes, which will matter for ticket selling purposes (but since there’s still no announced plans for iPPV or PPV, probably not at all for regular viewers.) There are some direct previews of Guerra de Titanes matches, with Alberto & Texano and Hell Brothers & Psycho Circus matching up here before coming back again 9 days later. Even the matches that won’t be directly repeated very obviously lead into that show. Fenix & Myzteziz face Zema Ion & Pentagon Jr. sets up the tag title match, Dinastia & Aerostar vs Super Fly & Mini Charly Manson lead into those two singles matches to come. This set up usually the focus is building up heat and match quality takes a step back tonight.

There’s still no word about the mystery woman in the opener. AAA hasn’t hinted anything and the only thing we really know is Konnan was pretty excited about the signing weeks ago on his podcast. The Wrestling Observer speculated it’ll be Ivelisse, which seems as good a guess as anyway. She hasn’t hinted anything on social media, except maybe for an “up, up and away” message which might indicate she’s on a plane. Or she’s just reading Superman comics. Who can say?

completely irrelevant: I have this feeling Zema Ion no longer has Robbie E to team with because Robbie E’s gone back to the US in preparation for dong the media rounds after his team gets eliminated on the Amazing Race tonight. I don’t gamble but I wish I could gamble on this.

Today’s CMLL show is a low key affair, as they push various feuds in the led up to next week’s Infierno en el Ring. The main event is Ultimo Guerrero, Terrible, Thunder vs Volador, Altantis and La Mascara, with the idea of setting up Ultimo Guerrero vs Volador (as Rush’s replacement.) There’s no strong set up for any other matches on Infierno en el Ring. Maybe they’ll set something up tonight, but the rest of the card will be a surprise when it’s posted late tonight.

CMLL and the head of Meynmed Sports announced a program to prevent the onset of arthritis in luchadors. They mention exercises to prevent injuries and guidance about what medication/supplements to use keep cartilage healthy. Rey Bucanero mentions he was told by “several doctors” to stop wrestling three years ago due to left knee injuries, but the treatment has helped him continue on.

RobViper has a music video of Juicio Final 2014.

A look back at a bloody Sangre Chicana & Faraon vs Fishman vs Perro Aguayo.

Puma talks about his trip to Europe.

Lucha Libre in Japan

11/28 NJPW: Karl Anderson [O] & Doc Gallows b Tetsuya Naito & La Sombra [X] [World Tag]
Naito & Sombra drop to 2-2. Looking at the other matches, they may be out of wins already. Video of yesterday’s loss is here


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  1. If the mystery tecnica is in fact Ivelisse, we’re all just supposed to forget that she was once a member of Los Perros del Mal right?

  2. Visiting NYC for Thanksgiving weekend and turned on Univision Radio 92.7. They’re running a :15 spot for Lucha Underground. It’s in English and Spanish. Spanish hyping UniMas then English hyping El Rey Network.

    Also noticed a ton of spots on Galavision for Lucha Underground.

  3. Chespirito passed away. Univision, UniMas, and Galavision all preempting regularly scheduled programming for coverage. I have no idea how long this unscheduled marathon will run.

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