CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-09-27


taped 2014-09-16 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara

not even close!

Boby Zavala & Olímpico © vs Sky Kid & Smaker for the Occidente Tag Team Championship: [OK] A rare match on this show which got too much time; they seemed to be stretching and repeating things just to fill out the time. It felt too long before the técnicos got any sort of comeback offense and third fall kept going. Lack of crowd noise hurt. The attendance has been way down here since September started and the crowd that was here did not seem to react to any of the dramatic near falls they were doing. The mat was very loud and nothing else was. Smaker is better than Sky Kid but both looked loose in their moves and didn’t do much to make them standoff – they’ve looked better in other matches. Olímpico sure seemed to be pinning himself when he eliminated Sky Kid

high flying Olimpico action
springboard topes look cool when done right
this always looks so painful

Diamante Azul, Dragon Lee, La Sombra vs Cavernario, Hechicero, Negro Casas: [GREAT] Fun trios match with everyone looking great and playing their roles well. Diamante Azul actually came off as intended scary strong guy in this match, instead of the secretly dangerous one he usually does, and so it was a bigger deal when Cavernario or Casas would stop him. Negro was equally great again Dragon Lee and Sombra; those were the places where it most felt like both sides really wanted to win the match and not just show their offense. The rudo worked really well together (maybe too well together, since there were times where guys were helping when others weren’t expecting the help.) Cavernario and Dragon Lee especially both came off as stars and everyone got big moments in the match. Hechicero forced his way to a big moment. Sombra bailed on him at least three times (scared!) but Hechicero forced him back in to take the conjuro. Kind of crazy to see Sombra and Azul pinned and Dragon Lee not.

Sombra had enough of this
This Dragon Lee dive always looks great
ropes are a hazard

Atlantis vs Último Guerrero: [OK] Absurdly short sped up version of their usual singles match, cut down to almost nothing in editing. That tag match really did go too long, though I suspect those first two falls weren’t much shorter than usual and there were points where it was clear it was they who were rushing and not the editing cutting things out. It was hard to take the dramatic slowness seriously five minutes into it, though Ultimo’s usual spots still made it in. There’s no reason to watch this match while the Anniversary one is out there, this is just weird.