AAA on Televisa: 2014-09-27


taped 2014-09-14 @ Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo

Aerostar as javelin

Aerostar, Angélico, Australian Suicide vs Daga, El Apache, Hijo de Pirata Morgan: [GOOD] Fun trios mach that would look good on a normal taping, which is the best possible compliment for the vacation shows. Pirata Morgan, inexplicable crowd favorite, seemed to have his best match in the most recent run of AAA matches (maybe it being more individual and less teamwork spots helped?) Aerostar was able to turn the crowd with a crazy dive, so that worked for him, but they were really appreciative to both teams. The ambiance was much better here than the previous the Hard Rock show. Being indoors in a small room captured the crowd noise really well. Suicide finish looked spectacular.

Daga nearly takes a high low
Hijo del Pirata did not have a fun vacation
Dinastia has a plan, finds out he’s a mini

Psycho Clown vs Chessman: [OK/Good] The match was fine for the story they were telling but was missing some drama. This was a bit more routine than the other match, and Chessman and Psycho Clown aren’t great storytellers on their own. You can see things lining up for the coming new group over the last couple weeks – Cibernético didn’t make the save when Averno was up to no good last week, and Averno made a random run-in here that would only serve to help Chessman (or give Demon someone to run off.)

those are some strong barricades