Lucha Underground 1×5 (2014-11-26)

Son of Havoc career highlight

the matches

Mil Muertes b Drago (3:59, Flatliner)
Mascarita Sagrada b Son of Havoc (w/Ivellise) (5:18, front headscissors roll)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. DQ Sexy Star (2:14, ref attack)
Big Ryck b Prince Puma [street fight] (11:17, urange thru a table)

the developments

Konnan talked Dario into the street fight, then stole his drink.

King Cuerno watched Drago’s match, then gave him a fireman’s carry powerbomb after the match.

A mystery woman [ex-WWE Angela Fong] watched the Havoc/Sagrada match. Announcers could not identify her and she left before it finished.

Catrina told Dario she and Mil Muertes know the truth behind “the darkness [you’re] keeping locked up with the key”

Ryck clens Puma’s clock

The Chavo/Sexy match barely got going before Sexy got a chair as revenge. The ref tried to stop her so Sexi threw her down, earning a disqualifaction. Pentagon Jr. ran in to help Chavo, much to the announcer’s confusion. Fenix made the save.

Johnny Mundo dove into the ring to save Puma from an attack by the Crew (who worked the main event 3 on 1). Mundo later smacked Puma with a chair by a mistake, which led directly to the rudos winning. Mundo was apologetic about the mistake but Puma was out. Vampiro took shots at Konnna for letting Prince Puma go in to the street fight 3 on 1 (and generally seemed to be playing more heel.)


there are stairs, Mundo!

Another solid show. Two straight weeks with Big Ryck main events is a bit rough, though he got a lot of help. Castro and Cisco wrestled about half the match, with Ryck sitting in a chair and everyone playing up the numbers advantage. It was a decent way to work around what would’ve been a tougher singles match. They created a few highlights even if it wasn’t on the level of some of the other matches. Mundo’s leap into the ring was crazy and spectacular and they keep ticking that story along. One of my early concerns with this format was long matches not being possible because they have a lot of stuff to accomplish in an hour, but they’ve found ways to have 8, 10, 12 minute matches weekly and that’s a good sign for matches coming up which could use that time.

Mil Muerte versus Drago was a good TV match, and my pick for the best match on the show despite not getting a lot of time. They played big man/little man well (outside of the one ugly powerslam spot.) Mil Muertes looked impressive winning with his undefeated streak noted, and Drago got in enough to still look like a star. I liked how Cuerno took his time getting to the ring to get in the extra shot after the match, it felt like Cuerno was more in control of the situation.

I choose to believe Pentagon saw a chance to be evil and jumped at it, and that’s all the motivation he has. Announcers suggested there was more to it. That angle was probably better than match was going to be and they’re setting up a match next week so fine.

pretty bad miss by Mundo

I understand Mundo left another place because politics, but the Lucha Underground promoter paid hit men to end Mundo. Are politics worse than that? [Checks Twitter this week reconsiders position] Mundo’s bit about almost being on top and coming to Lucha Underground to break all the way thru were better.

Sagrada/Havoc came off as as a Mascarita Sagrada exhibition and it worked as that, but Striker interstingly pointed out how Cueto’s been putting Havoc in odd match ups. That may just be his role in reality, the guy they trust to work against untradional opponents, but it made it feel like a storyline arc for a character who didn’t seem likely to get one. (And it’s one continuning next week.) On the other hand, the mystery woman’s appearance seemed completely random and inconsquential. Enjoyed two people teaming up to try and cheat a mini, that’s some strong evil work.

Announcers were less annoying this week!

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Drago tornillo works
Drago springboard DDT works
Drago going up one too many times does not work
Cuerno bomb? Something something arrow?
surprise tope!
Sagrada plancha
Sagrada wins
Chavo goes flying
handspring tornillo
Puma clears house
Big Ryck getting use out of the hanging camera