11/22-23 lucha times


Not bothering to do predictions for IWRG or Puebla (or Monterrey) until they actually air again. It may be a while.

== AAA ==

Leon part 1. I picked matches randomly. They’ll announce this tomorrow. Hopefully all seven matches will air; they usually have enough time to do it.

== Lucha Underground ==

“Boyle Heights Street Fight” – you might be able to tell from the title that a street fight takes place. It’s Ryck/Puma. Drago/Muerte and Sexy/Chavo are scheduled, and probably also Sagrada/Havoc; I think I’ve mistakenly left it off the big taping list.

== CMLL ==

FOX2: 10 man cibernetico and Guerreros/Thunder vs Ingobernables/Marco

Azteca: Hopefully the Panther/Cavernario match turns up here, as happens with lightning matches sometimes. Last time to see Rush for a while.

52MX: If my theory is right, no Negro Casas/Maximo. Instead, Atlantis/Dorada/Voaldor vs Euforia/Bucanero/UG, Delta/Fuego/Maya vs Hechicero/HsN/Virus and Esfinge/Bala/Halcon vs Canelo/Negro/Malefico.

Claro: Top four matches from Sunday.

C3: Lee/Fuego/Triton vs Cancerbero/Okumura/Raziel, plus Hechicero and Negro Casas/Titan in the main event.

Terra Sunday: Fuego vs Sagrado. I just assume Sagrado is anti-sance now. Dragon Rojo/Dorada/Volador vs Mephisto/Casas/Roja

== Other ==

There is no other.

FILL cibernetico ends without a winner, Welterweight tournament set, Mistico

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG FILL (WED) 11/19/2014 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Mercenario de la Muerte, Pequeño Mercenario, Skanda b Pequeño Pumita, Vardeus, Voltar
2) Chicanito, Dragón Blanco, Fly Tiger b Guerrero 2000, Sexy Girl, Último Caballero
3) Adrenalina, Aguila Oriental, Marduk b Charly Boy, Ojo De Tigre, Psique
4) Black Cobra, Black Niko, Galaxy b Payaso De Plata, Payaso Extremo, Vampiro Metálico
5) Atomic Star, Hip Hop Man, Magnum 44 b Aramis, Black Angel, Shadow Boy
6) Anubis Black, Araña de Plata, Dragón Celestial, Electro Boy, Omega, Power Bull, Saruman, Sky Ángel DDQ Arkanos, Balack, Danger King, Energía, Impacto, Principe Negro, Rayo Star,Skull Metal [Copa High Power]
Torneo FILL XXXVI. FILL/Black Terry vs Sexy Gym/Dr. Cerbero. Sky Angel replaced Alfa. Match came down to Dragon Celestial and Impacto. Ref was talking to Black Terry and missed Impacto pulling Dragon Celestial’s mask and faked a foul. Ref saw Impacto down selling the foul and with the mask and just decided to DQ everyone. 

CMLL elaborated a little more on the CMLL Welterweight Championship later on Wednesday. The tournament will start on 12/26 (Friday); CMLL wasn’t clear if the title would be decided on that day but they’ve tended to have to final two come back the following week and that would set them up for two holiday shows here. On Informa, the field was announced as Triton, Mascara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Delta, Fuego, Titan, Negro Casas, Polvora, Kamaitachi and Sangre Azteca. Dorada, Casas, and Polvora are former champions. Polvora Titan is currently National Welterweight champ and Sangre and Titan Polvora have both held that title.

Mistico did ask for a title shot when he returned, which doesn’t always get picked up on. Negro Casas would make the most sense as winner if that was the plan, since Casas can have great matches with him and the other rudos don’t fit (Polvora has his belt, Sangre & Kamaitachi are just happy to be included.) Dorada and Titan are probably the favorites but if Rey Cometa or Fuego were ever going to win a world singles title, this would be the most likely moment. A 10 person field means this is likely a cibernetico.

The bigger news is Mistico gave up a title that’s being kept on ice for another month, which suggests Mistico isn’t anywhere near close to returning. This being CMLL, it’s a little bit possible Mistico will be back before then – it’s happened with other vacant titles – but they’ve stopped hinting at a return date. CMLL went out of there way to note Rush was pulled from FantasticaMania, which was odd since they had never officially announced he was on FantasticaMania (though everyone figured as much.) CMLL didn’t say anything about Mistico being pulled of those cards.

Mistico did recently film a short promo for NJPW. I’d assumed it was to set him up as appearing on FantasticaMania, but maybe it was for something else. NJPW is going to announce a NJPW World service on 12/01, and it’s been leaked that it’ll be a VOD service. CMLL and NJPW have a good relationship, the people in charge just met a few weeks ago, and CMLL is willing to sell any and all of their footage to foreign markets for cheap prices. Maybe Mistico filmed that promo as part of an introduction to CMLL footage on the NJPW network? It’s a long shot and there are obvious problems – NJPW’s shot their own footage and used their own commentary for the CMLL shows they’ve been airing which is unrealistic for more than a few shows a year and CMLL’s not super reliable about sending footage – but it’s possible.

Yesterday’s CMLL Informa also included an angry Volador and Mascara being indefinite about the future of the Ingobernables. Mascara said that with Sombra in Japan and Rush out, they’d figure out what to do about the group later – so he’ll probably jsut be doing his new character alone as a “tecnico” for now. Ultimo Guerrrero admitting he was wearing the band-aid to look different and the bodybuilding guys saying they’ve dropped the minis division are the two other things of note.

Sombra’s not scared of LA Park. Sombra doesn’t want to team with Dr. Wagner. Sombra’s going to be the best in Japan. What I’m most impressed about here is Sombra’s going to Japan for like three weeks and he’s only got two bags and half of that is wrestling gear (that he’s wearing and selling.) He must pack well.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Tzuki actually showed up for a match.

Pierroth was honored at a show in Cuernavaca.

Pentagon Jr. says 2015 will be the year of Cero Miedo.


DTU (FRI) 11/07/2014 Auditorio UGM, Rio Blanco, Veracruz
1) Chiki Nerds vs Masizito, Porritos
2) Corazon Latino, Crazy Star, Optimus vs Junior, Principe Infenral, Sepultura
3) Jimmy, Kevin, Tony vs El Junior, El Nene, Kalibius and Aero Azul, Aero Power, Ferrari Ug
4) Black Fire & Slayer Pack vs Cotty Santiago & Low Rider
5) Jinzo & Rocky Lobo vs Artikus & Lanzeloth [DTU NEXO, semifinal]
6) Ángel o Demonio vs Ovett, Crazy Boy, Black Baby, Jhonky, Cíclope [lamps, ladders]
7) Drastik Boy vs Septimo Dragon, Gremlin, Vengador, Chica Ye-Ye, Hacker [scaffold]

The tag team tournament goes on (figures to end by the end of this run of shows), but DTU putting people on 15 meter scaffolding sounds like this might be a memorable show. Scaffolding seems unsafe, DTU scaffolding seems like the least safe thing ever.