Rush and Wagner injured on first All Elite show, CMLL preview

All Elite (THU) 11/13/2014 Arena Puebla [@FlyDeportes, Periodico Enfoque]
1) Dinamic Black & Principe Diamante b Flyer & Magnus
CMLL vs indies.
2) Ángel de Oro, Cachorro (CMLL), Dragon Lee II b Emperador Azteca, Golden Magic, Metaleon
3) Atlantis & Extreme Tiger b Hernandez & Súper Nova
Atlantis & Tiger picked up their first 3 points.
4) La Sombra & Rush b Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.
A disaster of a match. Hijo de Wagner replaced Zumbi (the only wrestler at the press conference) and they worked normal teams instead of the indy/CMLL teams. Rush suffered an ankle sprain during the match – apparently landing on a missile dropkick and said to be serious enough to keep him out a few weeks – while Wagner needed mouth to mouth after the match due to a problem with his windpipe after the finish but left the building on his own power. Sombra & Rush earned 3 points.
5) LA Park & Volador Jr. DQ Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Último Guerrero
Park was not in good shape.

There was a heavy CMLL feeling to the show. Brazo de Oro was one of the referees, as he tends to be when they loan out CMLL talent for shows. CMLL’s Ivan was ring announcer as if it was a normal Puebla show. (Attendance was like a normal Puebla show, which means they lost money on the thing.) The only CMLL wrestlers to lose a match was Ultimo Guerrero, and that wasn’t clean.

Differing reports on Rush’s injury. The paper says he was hurt on a missile dropkick. Porra Fresa suggests it was a Wagner III caused accident. The Wagner injury in that match is a bit suspicious, because Dr. Wagner is enough of a worker to fake needing CPR to get sympathy and make people forget a loss. Periodico Enfoque says it happened after the finish, Sombra’s running double knee smash to the head, which doesn’t come thru the throat normally. (It also often doesn’t come near the victim’s head.) Hope he’s okay, whatever happened.

I’m not totally sure about the main event, because Fly Deportes actually has Chavo and Ultimo Guerrero winning that match but the other recap is pretty clear it went the other way. Valuable points are on the line here! Mamba was spotted at the show.

LA Park and Voaldor had matching Parka gear.

Zumbi may not have made the show, but he was profiled by a Brazilian site in town for the UFC. It took four authors to interview Zumbi.

Today’s CMLL show is built around Rush in the main event, so that’s not good. The main event is scheduled to be Mascara, Sombra, Rush vs Euforia, Thunder and Ultimo Guerrero, which seems like it should be setting up Rush and Ultimo Guerrero in a cage match to come but who even knows now. (Despite Rush being said to be out for weeks, I kind of figure he’ll limp thru this.) There’s a cibernetico which might be fun, and might just be there to add more people to the cage match – the one that only exists in my mind at this point.

If Rush is out for an extended time, the chance of CMLL saying anything about are what? 5%? 0%?

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