LA Park returns to CMLL

CMLL promised surprises for Dia Los Muertos show, but then they always promise surprise and don’t usually deliver on anything. At most, I was expecting Mistico II to announce a return date. CMLL delivered tonight: for their special horror Halloween show, they brought in one of the scariest men of all.

LA Park, with son Hijo de LA Park, made an appearance during tonight’s CMLL semimain matchLA Park made an open challenge, daring the best in CMLL to take him on. No one stepped forward immediately.

LA Park had long been on CMLL’s infamous veto list. Park and Dr. Wagner repeatedly had out of the ring brawls using weapons, a big no no in conservative CMLL, and were warned to stop. CMLL took a huge risk by booking them together once again for the 75th (2008) Anniversary show with the idea of them doing a technical match, and the two men predictably disobeyed orders by having a crazy brawl anyway. The match was banned from airing on TV, both men were fired and told they would not be brought back. CMLL does not take back those bans easily: LA Park being back in an Arena Mexico show means some major deal must have been made.

Since leaving CMLL, both Wagner and Park were and are said to be immense pains to work with. The two have been linked  were both brought in to AAA, and then both left AAA due to similar issues with management (and not listening to management.) Wagner and Park had also been part of fellow exile Hijo del Santo’s promotion most recently, including heavily teasing a mask/mask last year which never truly came close to happening. LA Park & Dr. Wagner were adrift in the independent scene this year, where there hasn’t seemed to be as many opportunities as previous years. LA Park could still get booked, but there’s almost no chance in 2014 any indy promoter would be able to put together the mask match to give LA Park the payoff he’d like. Since AAA and CMLL were unlikely to be options, it seemed liked Park just might never get that payoff and had missed his window. That window just opened a bit.

This is actually LA Park’s first time back in any ring at all. He’s been out of the ring six weeks due to peritonitis, which required removal of part of his intestines. Park appeared on Tercera Caida this week and gave the impression it would be a while longer before he’d be able to return – maybe even next year. (Then again, Park didn’t even hint at this appearance.)

Once Park is able to wrestle, there’s no shortage of new opponents for him. CMLL’s turned over their roster immensely in the last six years. Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero and Shocker are the only three guys left who Park feuded with or teamed a lot with in the last run. There’s the legend versus legend feud possible with Atlantis (or Negro Casas or Blue Panther.) LA Park is a living human being, so there’s a natural feud with Rush. LA Park is Volador’s uncle and a team would make sense. (Probably not so much Flyer.)

The big match is LA Park vs La Sombra. The two were going back and forth on Twitter earlier this year, building a match which seemed as if it would never actually happen. The most logical reason LA Park would be allowed back in CMLL is he’s agreed to lose his mask in CMLL. Sombra’s the guy to win if that’s an option. There are ways to reach and justify other people, but it’s got to be Sombra in 2015. Everyone’s been wondering for months about what CMLL could possibly due to follow the last two Anniversary shows. They didn’t have any possible match close to Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis in house. They now have one of those matches if they have LA Park.

There’s a lot questions here. Has CMLL actually gotten LA Park to firmly agree to lose his mask and will they be able to hold him to it? (That’s been an issue for others.) Does this mean Dr. Wagner will be brought back as well? (That would be unpopular with some.) Beyond Wagner: is this a one time lifting of CMLL’s veto or other possibilities which forever seemed off the table now possible? Is this a sign of desperation by CMLL and might that desperation lead to other shake ups? (If they’re willing to hire Park, they’re willing to do a lot of things.) Could LA Park just appear once and this never be mentioned again. (Yea, that one’s still in play.)

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  1. Man finally a promised surprise that actually delivered. You have to think that a mask loss is the end game here, why else would CMLL deal with him?

    on his part perhaps CMLL promised to push his son? Copa Jr, Sangre Nueva, etc. it could be that he’s going to be more cooperative to help get his son’s career off the group in one of the “big two” instead of working the indies.

    I am genuinely excited by the possibilities.

  2. Well this came out of the blue but happy as this did deliver I think la park vs sombra is going to be the big may I wonder how much of a brawl him and the sombra rush la mascara trio are going to have shall be interesting also like u said it won’t be long till mistco 2 returns so defiantly good times in cmll wonder what will be the big end of year show main event

  3. Greetings!

    Who else is on CMLL’s “infamous veto list”? And for what reasons.

    Also, is there ANY chance, any at all, that Park/Wagner from Aniversario 75 hits the wastelands of internet? I fucking adore their matches together and find their chemistry outstanding.

  4. Darn this is VERY exciting. Keeping September open, because no way would I miss LA Park losing his mask

  5. @Chismo: Octagon, Konnan, Antonio Pena, Hijo del Santo and Wagner are said to be on the list. There may be other people – there was a name I completely didn’t know about last time this came up.

    CMLL has the produced video in their vault and could air it at any time if they wanted, but have shown no interest in showing old matches or lifting the ban on that match. Maybe 20 years from now, maybe. (Tercera Caida also has the match because they showed highlights, but would be banned forever from CMLL if they showed the whole thing.)

  6. Danger, Salsero’s son ,is probably on that list,too.
    Pretty exciting stuff coming up, if L.A. Park can still wrestle and his son is any good.

  7. People are quick to toss out “this guy is on the veto list” but in reality there are only a few guys on the veto list and a few of them are barely even known to the typical fan.

    Just because someone left CMLL or isn’t working for them now doesn’t mean they are on any veto list. Just means Paco doesn’t want to use them.

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