answering basic Lucha Underground questions

What is Lucha Underground?

Lucha Underground is a new wrestling promotion and a TV show of the same name. The promotion is lucha libre themed while also including wrestlers from the US. Mexican promotion AAA (which stands for “AAA”), reality TV producer Mark Burnett and El Rey founder Robert Rodriguez are among those collaborating on the product.

The television show is a weekly one hour show. There are definite plans for more than that down the line, but those plans are well down the line. One hour a week is all they’re asking from you for now.

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who’s who in Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground is a combination of Mexican and US influences and appropriately enough combines wrestlers who’ve mostly wrestled in the United States and Mexico. Those worlds have largely been kept separate until now, so fans are probably familiar with one group or the other but not both. El Rey’s site has helpful pictures; I just have helpful text.

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Lucha Underground match listings (season 1, ongoing)

This is a listing of the matches expected to air in Lucha Underground. This is somewhat spoilerish. There are no results listed, and the details of the title tournament and following title defenses are kept vague to avoid giving those away, but future TV lineups do imply finishes on prior shows. If you want to go knowing nothing, close the window now.

(Full results are available elsewhere on this site.)

Schedule order is based on the tapings. Everything was taped in order, but there’s always time to change the matches – this is the best guess on what info is publicly available. The schedule has changed a couple times already and will possibly change again; I’ll update when information becomes available.

All air dates are based on the El Rey airing. All shows air on Unimas (Saturday, 4pm ET) 3 days later.

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Barbaro beats Impulso in ChilangaMask, AAA in Tijuana, Fantastica Mania 2015

AAA BSW (FRI) 10/24/2014 Auditorio Fausto Gutiérrez, Tijuana, Baja California [Masked Republic, The Gladiatores]
Attendance: 5000
1) Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma © b Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas [CWFH TAG]
recapped as a title change, though Yuma & Goodtime are current champions.
2) Enfermero Jr. & Memo Velazquez DQ King Azteca & Rubi Gardenia
Enfermero faked a foul. Hair match challenged followed.
3) Arandú b TJ Boy, Extreme Tiger, Nicho el Millionario [Copa Barney]
Nicho showed up before the match and demanded to be added. They said OK. Match ended with TJ Boy putting Nicho thru plywood and Arandu giving Tiger a piledriver on a chair to win. Joe Lider came out to award the trophy while talking about promoter Barney, then he and the Perros del Mal beat up everyone in the match.
4) Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr. b Angélico & Jack Evans
Pentagon Jr. replaced Daga.
5) Averno, Chessman, Cibernético b Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown
Hell Brothers took 2/3, Cibernetico chokeslamming Monster Clown.
6) Blue Demon Jr., El Patrón Alberto, La Parka b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Texano Jr., Villano IV
Tecnicos took 2/3. Perro fouled Alberto, Alberto fouled Perro back and put him in the armbar for the win.

Masked Republic had the 5000 number, which is really good for that building at this point.

Chilanga Mask (SAT) 10/25/2014 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México [Estrellas del Ring, Tercera Caida]
1) Astro Rey Jr., Benji Maverick, Psico Kid b Karma, Kronoz, Oficial 911 and Electro Boy, Fly Warrior, Karma
Karma & Kronoz replaced Oficial 911 & Kastigador. Astro Rey’s team is Los Guardianes de la Galaxia.
2) Atomic Star & Trauma I b Arez & Belial
Atomic Star replaced Steve Pain.
3) Negro Navarro & Trauma II b Black Terry & Rey Hechicero highlights (posted by +LuchaTV)
Trauma II replaced I. Very good match. Everyone raised each other’s hands after and Terry and Hechicero faced off leading into their singles match on Sunday.
4) Keira b Arez
Keira, scheduled against a mystery opponent, mystery opponent didn’t show, so Keira challenged Arez for a rematch from the Lucha Memes show. Arez accepted, and Keira beat him this time. Oficial 911 & Oficial AK-47 attacked Arez after the match, Belial made the save. This set up Oficials vs Indystrongtibles/Keira in a cage for the 12/21 Coacalco show.
5) Fulgor I & Fulgor II b Fly Star & Toxin Boy and Aero Boy & Herodes Jr.
Street fight, which went out into the street and the parked cars for a time.
6) Bárbaro Cavernario b Impulso
No Impossible. Very good match. Both men did their top rope splashes to the floor and Impulso tried to beat Bararo with his caverneria before Barbaro won after a series of near falls.

+LuchaTV has highlights of Terry/Hechicero vs Trauma/Navarro (linked up there) as well as post match interviews with Impulso and Barbaro CavernarioThey’re headed to Arena Solidaridad today.

REMINDER: Daylight savings time has started in Mexico. The CMLL on Terra show will start one hour later than usual this week only. (Also, I may not be able to get that show up until Monday and there’s unlikely to be another news update until then – though I may just put up some Lucha Underground stuff instead.)

NJPW officially announced the Fantastica Mania 2015 tour on Saturday’s show. (Video promo.) It’s been expanded again, now to a six show tour.

01/13 – Body Maker Coloseum, Osaka
01/14 – Takamatsu City Gymnasium – new stop
01/15 – KBS Hall, Kyoto
01/17 – Shinkiba 1st Ring, Tokyo
01/18 & 01/19 Korakuen Hall

CMLL announced Barbaro Cavernario (as En Busca de un Idolo winner) and Ultimo Guerrero as among the 15 wrestlers scheduled for the show. Okumura can safely be assumed to be another of the 15 (and it’s my impression Kamaitachi will not be one.) Those people going will probably be off main CMLL shows from Friday the 9th all the way to Friday the 23rd. It’s unclear how many of the shows will be available to watch over the internet: NJPW’s deal with uStream has gone away and they haven’t signed with anyone new with easy US access yet, but there is a Japanese language site called nico nico which is doing iPPV for some of the shows (and this may all change between now and January so we can figure out then.)

Saturday’s NJPW show is on DailyMotion. Mascara Dorada’s tag match is here, Fuego’s match is here.

+LuchaTV posted both Keira vs Arez from the Lucha Memes show and Xtreme Tiger vs Barbaro Cavenrario, which I’ve heard good things about, from the Cara Lucha show

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

SuperLuchas #535 has WWE in Mexico coverage.

Kcidis draws a Lucha Hipster.


IWRG (WED) 10/29/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Niko vs Power Bull
2) Alfa & Omega vs Capitán Muerte & Hip Hop Man
3) Golden Magic, Metaleon, Sky Ángel vs Anubis Black, Araña de Plata, Atomic Star
4) Imposible © vs Dragón Celestial [IWRG IC Light]
Imposible’s fifth defense
5) Kenshi Kabuki, Relámpago, Veneno vs Canis Lupus, El Hijo del Diablo, Eterno

They got to the title match quick, but it should be a good one. A card very heavy on IWRG regulars and trainees, as Wednesday cards have tended to be.