10/25-26 lucha times


Things are happening: Daylight Savings time ends in Mexico on Sunday morning. That means all programming from Mexico will air one hour later than usual for the next seven days. (The US catches up next Sunday.) This week, that primarly affects the Sunday Terra show (which will air at 7pm ET/6pm CT in Mexico), but the Puebla, IWRG and Monterrey airings may also be later than you expect.

(Don’t trust my times the next couple weeks, more than usual.)

Also, on Wednesday, Lucha Underground has a TV show. You may have heard about it.

== AAA ==

Onto the Tlahuelilpan taping, and unsure what will air. I’m guessing Suicide/Evans vs Apache/Lider, Monster/Chessman and Mesias/Myzteziz vs Averno/Fantasma, but AAA will probably say for sure in a day or so.

== Lucha Underground ==

The debut! Blue Demon Jr. vs Chavo Guerrero Jr., Son of Havoc vs Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo vs Prince Puma were taped for episode and have been advertised as airing. Mundo/Puma sounded good, but this is a (rare) show where I’m about as interested in the non-match footage as the in-ring stuff. We’ll know a lot more on Wednesday than we know now.

== CMLL ==

FOX2: Ingoberbanles vs Guerreros, a Thunder match and I’m hoping the Dragon Lee/Kamaitachi match. It’s a 50/50 bet. This show will at 11am again this week, which seems like the first time it’s had the same time slot in back to back weeks in months

Azteca: Copa Junior final, and the start of that same Ingobernables/Guerreros feud.

52MX: Maximo vs Rey Bucanero, GDL locals vs Odiosos

Claro: Diamante Azul vs Shocker and Mexico vs the Rest of the World.

C3: Angel de Oro, Atlantis, Marco vs Rey Escorpion, Shocker and Thunder.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Almost another Ingobernables vs Guerreros match, though with Volador in the mix on the “Guerrero” side.

Terra Sunday: Amapola vs Makota, Azul/Marco/Volador vs Mephisto/Niebla/Negro.

== Other ==

Noches de Coliseo: reruns

IWRG (LAS/AYM): doing weird things so I dunno, but maybe Diablo/Cerebro