Cuchillo, AAA in Tlahuelilpan, Copa Junior VIP

Cuchillo, on the right, from 2013. (Photo by Black Terry Jr.)

Cuchillo, Jamie Carrillo, passed away yesterday. He was 66 and passed away due to complications from diabetes.

Cuchillo’s was a 70s/80s UWA luchador. Cuchillo started out as El Rubi for his first few years, then wrestled as Polaco for 15 years before finding his biggest success as Cuchillo. Cuchillo was part of the first version of the Triangular de la Muerte with Kahoz & Zandokan (with Rambo eventually becoming part of the group.)

His biggest career match was probably his mask loss to El Hijo del Santo in 1988. Cuchillo also was used as the Mexican rudo to put over a young Yoshihiro Asai twice on tours of Japan for Gran Hamada’s UWF promotion. Asai was designed to be the hero of the promotion, so Cuchillo must’ve been thought of well to be in the position against him. Cuchillo was still around lucha after UWA, running Arena (Nueva) Aragon and training luchadors. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. paid tribute to him yesterday. There was a retirement show for Cuchillo just two months ago. He had been wrestling on legends shows on recent years.

SuperLuchas has an excerpt from a recent interview about the start of Cuchillo’s careerKrisZ’s news update, La Furia de Titanes, and DJ Spectro have obits.

AAA has a busy weekend starting tonight in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo. Heroes Inmortales is two days away and already announced. Chessman and Monster Clown may set up the trios match on Sunday, but the rest isn’t much of a direct build to the second show. Main event here is Demon & Fenix vs Daga & Perro, where everyone besides Perro is in the Copa Antonio Pena 48 hours later.

Ludxor says he’s heading to Tlahuelilapn. He’s not currently on the card and there’s no obvious place for him to be on the card, so maybe he’s been added to a match.

Alberto del Rio is being honored at the San Luis Potosi city hall today at 2:30pm. The press release mentioned Elegido, Psycho Clown and Marisela Pena will also be in attendance. It’s possible they could make to the TV taping, but it’s unlikely they would.

I was wondering last night how AAA would manage running two shows in Mexico and two shows in US on the same weekend, then actually checked the information and realized I’d been wrong all week: Lucha Underground is taping next weekend, not this weekend. That makes a lot more sense. Maybe the double tapings on Saturdays were as much to clear out this weekend as to save some money. When the tapings resume next week, Aerostar will be part of the next Lucha Underground tapings.

CMLL has it’s usual Friday night show. Thunder faces the full Ingobernables in a match that might be best watched thru your fingers. CMLL could use a new direction and the big foreigner facing the tweeners might be a good one if the big foreigner was any good. Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia will be in the match to keep it together (and theoretically to set up a trios title match.) The semifinal has Mephisto & Maximo in a Copa Junior which could go either way but doesn’t seem to mean anything either way. It looks like the weekend for those kind of tournaments. My hunt is Mephisto is winning to go onto bigger things, but Maximo is a guy who gets set up for a sympathetic loss often and could use a singles win once in a while.

The signup fee for the AAA supported En Mascarados Race (350 MX, $26US) includes a race number, a t-shirt, and a mask to wearing during the race. Sign up is listed to 5000 people.

CMLL luchadors were supposed to be part of a show tonight in Tijuana, but apparently were all pulled off the show based on the lineup announced at a press conference yesterday. New main event is Octagon, Gronda and Intocable versus Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis (probably Nicho) and Oriental.

CMLL didn’t announce anything about Atlantis not being on a show, but wanted to make sure people didn’t buy tickets to see Lluvia in Arena Coliseo Monterrey on Sunday – she won’t be on that show. I’m going to guess CMLL was just aware of one or not the other, but maybe they should be more aware? I dunno, they’re doing something, should be happy about that.

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Los Neza Boys have been added to the Cara Lucha tournament. The Cara Lucha promoters and Super Nova talked to Tercera Caida for their after the show segement.

The local Box Y Lucha commission in Tepic says there won’t be any more lucha shows in Tepic after the last one last lost 35 to 40,0000 pesos ($2600 USD.) They were expecting 700 fans and drew 200. That means they were expecting to draw at least 70 pesos per missing fan, which seems high – they did list Rey Bucanero, Satanico, Mr. Aguila and Gronda as among those working the show.