Copa VIP, AAA TV preview, quick links

Today’s CMLL show is headlined by Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero in trios action. This is Ultimo’s first match in Arena Mexico unmasked. Copa VIP Jr. also begins with a block of Volador, Shocker, Mephisto, Felino, Misterioso, Tiger, La Mascara and Guerrero Maya. There’s no clear reason why it’s happening, which always makes it a little harder to pick a winner. Volador, La Mascara, Shocker, Mephisto are the favorites, in that order.

AAA tapes two weeks of TV tonight in Zumpango. Aerostar gets his much delayed title match versus Hijo del Fantasma in what could be a very good match regardless of the outcome (though we’re rooting for the upset Aerostar win.) The Angelico & Jack vs Averno & Chessman match could be very good as well. The main event is Myzteziz & Psycho Clown vs Perro & Texano. There’s no announced matches for Heroes Inmortales, sixteen days away. The AAA column in this week’s SuperLuchas said Copa Antonio Pena will be back, and maybe they’ll set up something more tonight.

LuchaWorld has a review of the 09/13 Lucha Azteca show and Thursday’s KrisZ news update.

Segunda Caida reviews La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Rush vs Felino, Mephisto, Negro Casas.

ChilangaMask added Arez & Belial vs Trauma I & LA Anarquista to it’s 10/25 Coacalco show.

LV reviews this Sunday’s Arena Coliseo show

Guerrero Maya Jr. talks about his life before lucha libre. He was a car salesman!

Sangre Azteca talks about dealing with his current knee injury. No return date is mentioned, though he does mention it’s recovered enough that he’s started rehab.

A cage match in San Luis Potosi ended with a referee climbing in and losing his hair.