(year) 2001 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

I did this one too. The lineups have been added to the luchadb for a little while and there are results below.

The 2001 and on results on El Siglo de Torreon are publicly available in text form if you use the search. They’re really pulling that text from (subscriber only) PDFs, but the program used to do that conversation isn’t so good when there’s a lot of columns or if they’re lined up wrong. Sentences just overlap each other, and it’s hard to reconstruct everything. Luckily, the paper was writing/advertising most lineups two or more times a week, so I could usually just check a different day to find it. The great thing is it’s text, so there’s no errors from me rewriting lineups from images (just errors from me putting the card in upside down.)

The other thing is many of the newspapers are just missing. There’s not really anything for June and not much of sports sections for July, August or last couple weeks of December. That seems a bit off for a daily newspaper. I think the papers actually existed and just didn’t get put up for some reason. It seems odd they wouldn’t have a copy of a 2001 paper when they have ones of 1920, but that’s probably around when they went online, with whatever bugs that came with it. There are a couple places were it’s specifically annoying; there’s a July Torreon AAA TV taping without a full lineup, and it still doesn’t have one. Plus, the big shows tend to be at the end of December, which were skipped. I was able to find 155 lineups (and very few results as usual) from what they did have.

It’s also more readily apparent that the lineups listed are just whatever they can fit into the paper that week, and gaps don’t necessarily mean buildings weren’t running shows.

Ten most frequent appearances.

86 El Tackle – sadly lost his hair to Junior Halcon
81 Sexy Libra
79 Sexy Killer
60 Pequeno Star
59 Último Rebelde (Hooligan)
54 Caballero Halcón
52 Junior Halcón
52 Tony Rodriguez
51 Apostol Jr.
51 Diabolico I

The two Halcons are uncles of the most recent CMLL Pequeno Halcon.

  • There are less random titles floating around! Brillante doesn’t win all of them! The Laguna Welterweight Championship is actually coherent, with Acuario holding it for most of the year and defending it against Zafiro, Brillante, and El Genio twice.
  • On the other hand, there’s a big tag team tournament with 28 teams that never seems to advance to the second round.
  • and local rudo Averno (not the CMLL guy!) somehow is Texas Welterweight Championship.
  • Ciudad Lerdo celebrated it’s 107th Anniversary (??) with El Hijo del Santo & Stuka Jr. vs Blue Panther & Ultimo Rebelde. Stuka & Reblde are still regular main eventers.
  • A show in April has Pentagon promoting a show with Pentagon II as the main event. Original Pentagon seems to have remained the promoter for Arena Olimpico Laguna this year.
  • One of the new names showing up is a “Zarcastan Jr.”, though they some times stick a ‘k’ in there and sometimes the Jr. is left off. That’s the future Dragon Rojo Jr., under his original name. He shows up 14 times, working the early portion of the card as a rudo.
  • Also making three appearances: “Místico”. Hunico/Incognito/Sin Cara II is listed as starting in 2000 and it’s not impossible he could’ve made the trip from Ciudad Juarez, but it’s also possible there was someone else using the same name. This just needed to be more confusing. Mistico is a rudo all three times and there are no additional details about him.