Lucha Underground Day 3/Day 4 tapings

LU (SAT) 09/13/2014 Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California

1) Hijo del Fantasma COR Martin Causas
Dark match, stopped early when Martin’s head hit the floor and split open. Vampiro and paramedics checked on him, but Martin indicated it was not as bad as it looked
2) Carnitas b Mariachi Loco
Carnitas is (maybe?) a new name for Mascarita Sagrada (original), who was wearing his normal outfit. Chavo Guerrero attacked the mini after the match.
3) Mil Muertes b Ricky Mandell
Muertes is seconded by Kartina (ex-Maxine) for his matches
4) Fenix (AAA) b Pentagón Jr., Drago (AAA)
best match so far of the taping

There’s obvious and definite push back against complaints thispromotion wasn’t lucha libre enough by putting the three (now free to work!) luchadors together in the main event. Everyone wins, since it was said to be an awesome match. Less obviously, there’s a lot less Chavo Guerrero Jr. – that run in is his only appearance on these tapings. (Though, unless they’re editing things around after the fact, Chavo as a rudo seems to mean there’s no chance this will be reworked into the first taping, so there’s a good chance of deja vu when other people watch those first two tapings and complain about the same things as people who read the results.)

The Carnitas name is mentioned in a twitter message. Possibly a joke?

LU (SUN) 09/14/2014 Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
1) El Americano, Mariachi Loco, Mascarita Sagrada b Cisco, Cortes Castro, Mil Muertes
dark match
2) Sexy Star b Ivelisse Vélez
3) Fenix (AAA) b Pentagón Jr.
another great match
4) Drago (AAA) b Hijo del Fantasma
Fantasma was using a different name/mask here.
5) Johnny Mundo COR Big Zeke
Cisco & Cortes Castro ran in, causing their own man to be counted out. Mundo was put thru a table.

Best turn out for a show so far; whatever they did the last few days to get people to show up worked.

Not 100% sure on what name Fantasma used here and curious about him using a different name. Mesias not being Mesias can be justified by him portraying a different character and by wanting to get more masks on the show. If Fantasma was just here to give Drago a good win without losing as Fantasma, that makes sense (though people figured out it was Fantasma so it didn’t actually work.) If Fantasma is a regular masked character under a different name, then it’s just strange for a promotion that’s supposed to be an extension of AAA.

They’re off this weekend, and then back again on 09/27.

9 thoughts to “Lucha Underground Day 3/Day 4 tapings”

  1. Could it be something with the Fantasma name/mask perhaps the Phantom mask breaks copyright with the comic strip character somehow or is it in public domain?

  2. Tapings look pretty good but they obviously need more people or random jobbers because what other potential matches they have left? They need to do some tag matches to save these single matches for later.

  3. So they are using the local mini veterans for the show, any chance they’ll use Tsuki? Miss that little guy. He’s in California like Mascarita & Octagncito/Mariachi Loco I thought.

  4. @Flashmagic…. your post says “He’s in California like Mascarita & Octagncito/Mariachi Loco I thought.” Are you trying to say Octogoncito and Mariachi Loco are the same guy?

  5. Octagoncito was using a Mariachi gimmick in PWR as mini’s champion, can’t remember if his name was Mariachi Loco though. Working with Mascarita, I assumed it was another mini.

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