09/06 Lucha Underground results (Day 1)

Lucha Underground (SAT) 09/06/2014 Lucha Underground Arena, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California [PWInsider, WrestlingHeads]
1) Famous B b B-boy
dark match
2) Mil Muertes b Martis Cassus
dark match. Ex-Maxine from NXT was with Mil. Mil may have been Mesias under a mask.
3) Blue Demon Jr. b Chavo Guerrero Jr.
4) Sons Of Havoc b Sexy Star
Sons of Havoc is Matt Cross
5) Johnny Mundo b Prince Puma
ex-John Morrison defeated a masked Ricochet. The evil (and unnamed) promoter had promised 100,000 to whoever had impressed him. Lil Cholo, Ricky Reyes and Ezekial Jackson (not given names) attacked Mundo & Puma after the main event. The promoter announced those three (may be named the Crenshaw Crew) would get money and already work for him.

WrestlingHeads has the full match by match results and should get credit if anyone uses them. Only three matches on the show, though I’d presume there’s a lot of backstage skits being taped. Only two of the AAA luchadors made air on the debut episode, with one a woman losing a match that’s an obvious bad style match up for her. Main is ex-WWE guy defeating ex-indy guy. No Fenix, no Pentagon, no Drago. No Konnan either, but PWI says he was working as an agent, as was Chavo. Those two guys would seem to have very different philosophies, but maybe not?

The crowd looks small in the pictures – PWInsider says it was few wrestling fans and a lot of plants. It’ll probably be the same this week: promoting a new lucha libre promotion on 10 days notice with no names on the poster is just not going to work (and Week 1 of Sunday NFL football is not going to help.) There was a couple of change of policies after the first taping: Dorian, Demon and AAA started promoting tomorrow’s taping, the first time the tapings have been promoted in Spanish. (Pretty sure that had been a conscious choice, and not an oversight.) They also revealed the address, 516 S. Anderson St. in Los Angeles. No more emailing to get ticket info, they’ll take whoever just shows up.

That picture also confirms the Vampiro/Striker nonsense announce team.

Sticking Mesias under a mask would explain why AAA hasn’t promoted him for this show.  I would assume Ricochet being in the main event means he’s signed, but maybe that’s not a sure thing since he lost.

I would suspect we’re less likely to get spoilers going forward, because the same people might not show up all the time, or might not be allowed to keep showing up.

6 thoughts to “09/06 Lucha Underground results (Day 1)”

  1. From the spoilers, this is DOA, no matter how optimistic one tries to be. They’ve said they’ll tape up to 3 episodes per taping, so it is a one match per show?

    They kept mentioning several female performers in each update, and it ends being Sexi Star vs a guy? (seemingly named “Lord of Havoc”) if UniMas gets this, I think I’ll pass (and UniMas should pass this too).

    “(and Week 1 of Sunday NFL football is not going to help.)” And Mexico playing in San Fr… nah, that’s irrelevant… -_-

    Maybe the bands were good…

  2. I have to see it play out on tv before making a judgment. Trying to piece everything together will drive you crazy after awhile.

    Interesting they gave everyone new names and put them in masks.

    All reports I’ve seen said it was a fun show. Haven’t seen one negative review.

  3. One episode that has established there’s an evil authority figure and the ending that has the bad guys standing tall after an in-ring beatdown… yeah this show has the stink of Konnan booking all over it.

  4. Regardless of my thoughts on the positives and negatives of the series or the 1st taping, Konnan is not writing or producing. He is managing Ricochet/Prince Puma and is working as an agent, but the show is not written by anyone at AAA. It’s being produced by Mark Burnett’s company who has hired former Smackdown lead writer Chris DeJoseph and others to write and produce.

  5. “All reports I’ve seen said it was a fun show. Haven’t seen one negative review.”

    Yeah, that’s the problem, they catered for indy fans, and said fans liked it, no one mentioned about it being any different, so what’s their “hook”? It is fine when it is a free show, but even if they have good or great matches, there are good or great matches somewhere out there every week, and they are in front of a few hundred or even dozen fans, fans who are invested with “their” promotion, with LU not offering anything new so far. Instead of trying to reach out and bring new fans in, they seem to be trying to break into the top 50 Cal indies ranking.

    It might tun out to be a good show, but so far, my guess is that it would be better if Burnett and Co. sold it to MTV or someone and drop any alleged “Lucha” name/concept from the project.

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