09/19 CMLL 81st Anniversary Show lineup (Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero)

CMLL (FRI) 09/19/2014 Arena México
***CMLL 81st Anniversary show***
1) Blue Panther, Cachorro, Dragon Lee vs Felino, Puma, Tiger
2) Goya Kong vs Estrellita, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Amapola, Zeuxis, Tiffany, Dallys la Caribeña [Copa 81 Aniversario]
3) Máscara Dorada, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Thunder
4) Rey Cometa vs Cavernario [hair]
5) La Máscara & Rush © vs Negro Casas & Shocker [CMLL TAG]
6) Atlantis vs Último Guerrero [mask]

Show will air live/complete on terra.com and may/may not air on Azteca in Mexico (but probably will eventually air in the US on Azteca.)

The title match appeared intended to be a trios title match last week – not only did they have the sides set up, but they had the tag teams occupied in Puebla – and then things went sideways somewhere during the week. The other rudos who would’ve been in that trios title match, Mr. Niebla and Felino, found spots on the card. It meant they had to back track on a match they very clearly announced as a opening tag match, but CMLL found them spots. They did not find Sombra a spot.

I like Euforia, I like Valiente, I don’t like Thunder, and none of them should be on this card ahead of Sombra. Pretty much no one on this card should be on this card ahead of Sombra, to be honest. Something’s up. I don’t know what it is, but something’s up. He may just have annoyed the wrong person and be relegated to seconding Mascara & Rush, but something happened.

Thunder being on this card is another example of decisions here not being made on merit or business sense. Thunder’s the last guy (or second to last – hey Pierroth) you’d want to work with those three tecnicos. If you had to plan this in advance, which is something people occasionally try to when telling stories, you’d probably have Thunder do the run in on this show to build to wherever they’re going. Assuming they’re going anywhere with this.

Opener should be good though I’d be more excited for it in the original form, to be honest. Mascara & Rush vs Shocker & Casas was good last time. Cometa and Cavernario could be out of the world, and they’re the biggest benefactors of only six matches on this card. Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero will be much better for the people who don’t watch much CMLL. That’s most of their audience these days, so it’ll work. The Copa seems like it’ll have the most variance – there’s people who they could leave into the end who would make it very entertaining, and their are other people, and it all depends on how they book that one. Should be a good show.

11 thoughts to “09/19 CMLL 81st Anniversary Show lineup (Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero)”

  1. No Sombra is just plain weird, I would have thought a relevos increibles would have been a good way to fit people in..
    Volador jr, Dragon Rojo jr & Mephisto vs La Sombra, Rey Escorpion & Mr Niebla?
    Or even putting Sombra in place of Euforia

  2. No Sombra, Niebla in a ramdom match and El Felino suddenly added to an already announced match?

    Someone quit? in the dog house? Caught with Paco’s daughter?

    That may be the bigger story of the show.

  3. It’s the ‘stico street match thing, he laughed at the 2 weeks suspension and then they added no Anniv for you just like telling a kid “you’re grounded a week and there won’t be xmas this year” during the spring and acting normally the rest of the year

    Unless… Sombra, Dragon Rojo, Maximo and Rey Escorpion invade the press conference and demand being included in the main event, so they change it to a cage match xD

  4. Should be a good show.

    Not that it means anything though surely Seductora should get something for having the match of her career. I mean Dalys and Tiffany didn’t even put in half the effort she did for her big payoff.

  5. I think if Maximo wasn’t booked on the NJPW tour it would have been Maximo vs Cavernario in the hair match. If you re-trace the booking it was Maximo/Cavernario matched up on 8/22 with no Rey Cometa in sight. I think they just needed a tecnico with hair to lose and there are very few of those to choose from on the CMLL roster so Cometa gets to co-headline his 2nd Anniversary Show in 3 years which is pretty incredible considering he’s an ex-AAA guy.

    Last year they announced the “final” card before they added the Estetas vs Revolucionarios title match so maybe they’ll still add something to fit in Sombra, Escorpion, Dragon Rojo, Mephisto this coming Friday. I clearly remember last year b/c everyone was outraged how you can have an Anniversary Show w/o Mistico II on it – even those of us who didn’t like him. LOL

  6. I personally am socked not to see sombra on card wonder if anything happens next Friday good god if there is a lord let thunder miss this show I can think of many better replacements but still a solid show nevertheless u holding a live chat on date cubs also anyone predicting this show outcomes just asking

  7. Ticketmaster ArMex map does not seem to show any movement even after the card was announced, looks like only the regulars and maybe some scalpers got in… even a half house (and it might improve with walk ins) would be a bigger check than dropping the mask all the way back to the El Torero in promoazteca, still, not doing so last year might now look like a mistake.

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