Rush & Marco advance in tag team tournament, XMW

XMW (SAT) 08/30/2014 Cancha Jaguars, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México [Black Terry Jr. (flickr)Estrellas del RingThe Gladiatores
1) Anuro b The Power and Flama Negra 
2) Medieval b Chica Ye-YeTerremotoObscuroCentella AtomicaFenryBlackyLegendario [EDM LH]
Medieval beat Oscuro to win. 
3) Ludark Shaitan b Felina MetalicaPrincesa DoradaReina IsisLady Boricua [XMW WOMEN]
Ludark beat Felina Metalika. 
4) Yoruba © b MetaleonEl Guason [XMW MIDDLE]
El Guason added himself to the match. 
5) Arkángel de la Muerte b BelialRey Hechicero
Arkangel won via foul. 
6) Kronoz & Tornado (DF) b Herodes Jr. & Titán and Fly Warrior & Yuriko and Centvrión & Mr. Leo[XMW TAG, #1 Contenders]
Kronos & Tornado beat Herodes & Titan. 
7) Fly Metalik & Wotam b Arez & Impulso and Fly Star & Toxin Boy [fans bring the weapons]

Crazy looking show. Black Terry Jr. has four highlight videos of this weekend’s show: Light Heavyweight title match, Middleweight title match, the maestros match  and the tag team title match. Unsure how Terremoto is in the same weight division as everyone else in that light heavyweight match. The running shooting star press into a corner headbutt to the gut is my new favorite stupid move, though the vertical suplex/tope combination is not far behind. Not totally sure about the fifth match results – both recaps heavily praise Belial for keeping up with the CMLL guys to the point that they’re not really clear (to me) on how the match turned out.

CMLL (MON) 09/01/2014 Arena Puebla [Periodico Enfoque
1) Akrón, Ares, Fuerza Chicana b Asturiano, Black Tiger, Milenium
Rudos took 2/3 
2) Fuego, Stigma, Stuka Jr. b Kamaitachi, Misterioso Jr., Skándalo
Tecnicos took 2/3, Stuka beat Mistierioso. 
3) Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Vangellys b Marco Corleone & Rush and Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. and Euforia & Niebla Roja and Blue Panther & Diamante Azul and Felino & Puma andMáscara Dorada & Titán [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, seeding battle royal] 
4) Marco Corleone & Rush b Cavernario & Mr. Niebla [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal
5) Euforia & Niebla Roja b Blue Panther & Diamante Azul [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
6) Cavernario & Mr. Niebla b Rey Bucanero & Vangellys [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, eightfinal
7) Marco Corleone & Rush b Máscara Dorada & Titán [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, eightfinal
8) Black Panther & Diamante Azul b Felino & Puma [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, eightfinal
9) Euforia & Niebla Roja b Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, eightfinal
10) Marco Corleone & Rush b Euforia & Niebla Roja [CMLL TAG, #1 Contenders, semifinal]

The newspaper recap believes Marco & Rush get the title shot, though CMLL had previously said this is was the first block of a tournament. They both may be right. Marco & Rush make sense against Casas & Shocker.

Today’s CMLL show has a main event of Marco, Mascara Dorada, Titan and Shocker, Ephesto and Hechicero. Some good matchups there. Silueta and Marcela return from Japan to team with Lluvia aginst Dallys, Amapola, and Seductora – Lluvia and Dallys had issued last week. Lightning match is Dragon Lee versus Virus, which could be very good.

The all Jalisco team of Atlantis, Rush and Valiente take on Laguneros Euforia, Gran Guerrero and Ultimo Guerrero in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. Mascara and Mephisto meet in a singles match.

September 16th, two weeks from today, appears to be the big day for holiday shows this year. They’ll be setting up something on both of these shows (and have a lot of possibilities.) That following weekend looks busy too; there’s a Mil Mascaras show at Arena Lopez Mateos on 09/21.

Segunda Caida reviews Angelico, Zumbi & Australian Suicide vs. Los Infierno Rockers from February.

SuperLuchas #532 has the Rock, Ultimo Guerrero and Hector Guzman on the cover.

Myzteziz says he’s going to be the one to stop Perro Aguayo Jr.

Metalico wants a hair match with Rey Cometa, Blue Panther or Virus.

Toryumon Mexico reminds their fans you can not buy tickets to a Toryumon Mexico show. (They’re all giveaways.)

Ultimo Guerrero is #1 on CMLL’s top 10. Hombre sin Nombre is #10.

Amapola & Zeuxis promote the Anniversary show. There’s a video clip of the interview as well.

Drago and Pentagon Jr. are listed on a DF show on 09/20, so maybe they’ll be headed back to Mexico on the weeks with no Lucha Underground taping?

Important notice: there are Pitufo (Smurf) luchadors in San Luis Potosi. There are different Pitufos in Xalapa. These are distinct Smurfs. (Also Pentagon Jr. won a six way Copa.)

Lucha Libre in Japan

Nosawa, who’s already planning on Mil Mascaras for a December 11th show, says he’s negotiating with Alberto del Rio as well. Nothing is signed yet.

Video of Star Fire’s debut in Japan.


ChilangaMask (TUE) 09/16/2014 Arena Querétaro 
1) Hormiga & Radge vs Optimus & Ursus 
2) Fulgor I & Fulgor II vs Angel Rebelde & Astro Rey Jr. and Maverick Benji & Psico Kid and Castigador & Karma 
3) Arez & Belial vs Alex Guajardo & Lobo Lafayette 
4) L.A. Anarquista & Trauma I vs Drabek I & Drabek II 
5) Black Terry vs Aero Boy
third match of a series, tied 1 to 1 
6) Impulso vs Fuego Latino [falls count anywhere]

Final lineup for this show. A lot of the less familiar names are Queretaro locals (Promociones Pantera, who usually run this arena, are co-promoting this show.)

09/14 AAA TV Lineup (Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya) – Alberto’s first AAA match

AAA TV (SUN) 09/14/2014 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo 
1) Dinastía, Jennifer Blake, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psycho Clown, Taya Valkyrie 
2) Aerostar, Angélico, Australian Suicide vs Daga, El Apache, Hijo de Pirata Morgan 
3) Psycho Clown vs Chessman 
4) El Patrón Alberto, La Parka, Myzteziz vs Averno, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Texano Jr.

Air Date: 09/20

AAA held a press conference to announce this show and Alberto’s first post-WWE match. The vacation package includes the 13th, 14th, and 15th this time.

This is a really promising lineup, though expectations should be in check for a Hard Rock show (which have tended to be worked at a lower gear.) It’s a stellar lineup for the main event, and interesting to have Alberto and Myzteziz teamed up to start. Alberto/Texano looks like the next big title match, and maybe it’s coming sooner than I thought.

Psycho Clown versus Chessman could be the start of a new direction for both guys. Chessman could use something to do with Demon not around again and Psycho needs to accomplish something new to follow up on TripleMania.

First two matches both look like they could be great. Surprising to see part timer Hijo de Pirata included on a show everyone wants to be on. Maybe he’s no longer a part timer. Maybe everyone else was just busy elsewhere: This is one of four AAA shows happening on the same day (Wagner promoted show in Torreon, Acapulco and Hidalgo with a C team roster), plus a Lucha Underground taping that night. Hijo del Fantasma sticks out as a name who’s not on any of those shows.

Next taping is ????

08/26-09/01 lucha videos

My cable went out during the end of the IWRG Prison Fatal match. They didn’t air Dragon Celestial/Hip Hop Man; Dragon Celestial’s promo air, but they went straight to the next promo from there.  I think other programming must’ve gone long, but they were just airing reruns after it so I dunno.

I’ve got last week’s C3 and this week’s C3. This week show is off the Canal44 feed, so they get in and out of breaks late and I screwed up the first fall of the first match while seeing if the recording was actually working it. (It was, up until I did anything.) I should have a better version of that match later.

Noches de Coliseo did not air any new matches.

Thanks to everyone for their help, as always.

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