Ultimo Guerrero versus La Sombra for CMLL Universal championship, AAA to Cancun

Tonight’s CMLL show is headlined by Ultimo Guerrero vs La Sombra in the CMLL Universal final. The winner becomes the first two time champion: Ultimo Guerrero won the first tournament in 2009, La Sombra won the second in 2011. Ultimo Guerrero, on a hot streak leading into the his mask match three weeks from today, is the heavy favorite to win. The bigger concern is the match itself, as both guys styles suggest they may not bring out the best match in each other.

There’s not a lot else of note on the show. It’s odd. There are definitely good sounding matches (2/4/5 all have possibilites and we’d be looking forward to the opener if there was a chance in the world it’d air.) CMLL should be building a few more matches to complement Atlantis/Euforia and have not really teased anything of late. There are ongoing and old issues which could be pressed into resolution, but they need ot start flagging up to the fans they’re going to happen if they plan on selling tickets for the show.

Alberto del Rio and La Parka are displayed on the poster for the AAA/Hard Rock show in Cancun, which takes place on 09/13 and 09/14. That suggests Del Rio’s first regular TV appearance will be part of the 09/14 TV taping, the main event of the tourist weekend. (No idea if he’ll be wrestling.) That’s a Lucha Uprising weekend, which means the people working on the US TV show miss the working luxury vacation.

This show will probably air on 09/27, and the Veracruz taping the following week will take care of 10/04. Point is, AAA Mexico will be taping way ahead of airing. They may have zero to two TV shows left after Veracruz to Heroes Inmortales, which is usually in early/mid October. I wouldn’t expect a lot for that show, given the limited build to other AAA big shows this year, the few amount of new TV shows, Guerra de Titanes (December) being more important to AAA, and AAA probably more concerned with the events ongoing in the US for the next couple months.

Besides that show, Alberto del Rio and Sin Cara appear to be booked for shows in Sudan. No date is listed.

Programming Note: I’m heading back to Mexico City! I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but don’t think I’ve actually said that here. I’m going from September 12th to September 22nd. I’ll definitely be at the CMLL Anniversary show and we’ve got arrangements to make the ChilangaMask show in Queretaro. I don’t think we’ve locked in anything else (except maybe that all minis show), but it’ll probably be the same bit of going to a show every day – probably the CMLL/IWRG shows but maybe not if something else seems more interesting. (AAA is running as far as possible away from Mexico City again this year. They’ve must’ve known!)

The idea is also to bring back the daily podcasts – people seemed to like them ok and it’s still easier to spend a half hour talking about shows than a couple hours writing about them. I grabbed a microphone off Amazon, so they may sound a little bit better this year.

I’m bringing a tablet and a keyboard so there will probably be result posts and other notes posted, just maybe not like usual. I’ve been working on a bunch of recaps and another year of newspaper clippings; if everything works out well, you’ll still get a post around lunchtime every weekday, but it may just be less current stuff.

I’m not sure about video posts on 09/16 and 09/23. My vague idea is I’ll just get stuff up on YouTube whenever I get a chance, but there just may not be a post full of downloads and such as usual. And some shows won’t get done at all for a while because the people who help with them will also be on vacation.

(I’m also expecting to be busy/tired when I get back home, so it may not be until that following weekend until things to get back to normal.)


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Rocky Lobo & Jinzo are being advertised on the 09/27 and 09/28 DTU shows. The next NOAH tour ends on 09/21, so that’s probably when they finish up.