Ultimo Guerrero wins CMLL Universal Block B, Hector Guzman passes away

photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL

CMLL (FRI) 08/22/2014 Arena México 
1) Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito b Eléctrico & Último Dragoncito
Rudos took 1/3 
2) Dark Angel, La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, Dalys, La Seductora
Tecnicas took 2/3 
3) Blue Panther, Fuego, Rey Cometa DQ Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Terrible
Tecnicos took 1/3, the last by DQ when Sagrado fouled Blue Panther. 
4) Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Máximo b Cavernario, Euforia, Mephisto
Tecnicos took 2/3 
5) Titán & Volador Jr. b Último GuerreroDiamante AzulMr. NieblaVirusNiebla RojaDragón Rojo Jr. [CMLL Universal, seeding battle royal] 
6) Último Guerrero b Mr. Niebla [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
7) Dragón Rojo Jr. b Virus [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
8) Diamante Azul (CMLL) b Niebla Roja [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
9) Volador Jr. b Titán (CMLL) [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
10) Último Guerrero b Dragón Rojo Jr. [CMLL Universal, qf] 
11) Volador Jr. b Diamante Azul (CMLL) [CMLL Universal, qf] 
12) Último Guerrero b Volador Jr. [CMLL Universal, sf] 
13) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush DQ Negro Casas, Rey Escorpión, Shocker
Ingobernables took 1/3, Rush faking a foul from Casas in the third.

That’s chalk – the favorite won all the way thru. Ultimo Guerrero versus La Sombra is the battle to determine the first ever two time Universal champion. They’re also the only two who might some day be a three time champ, since it seems unlikely Lyger or Tanahashi are going to be back in these parts any time soon and Terrible is dropping falls to Rey Cometa. (We all love Rey Cometa but the only possible reason Terrible is champion is they needed 16 for the Universal tournament and so Diamante Azul couldn’t win it yet.)

Speaking of, Mr. Azul added to his long list of victims by sending Niebla Roja to the hospital.

No Volador in the main event = no sign yet of a significant second main event for the Anniversary show. I still don’t think it’s going to sell out and I don’t think it ever was intended to sell out – those prices at this stage of CMLL are more about trying pry as much money away from those who absolutely have to be there – but there’s going to be a rebellion if there’s not more added to the show.

Hector Guzman Chavez, founder, owner and original promoter of Arena Lopez Mateos, passed away earlier today. SuperLuchas magazine had a recent excellent article on the history of the building, which is now run by his son. They mentioned Guzman had moved to the US.

Rob has highlights of 05/30 CMLL.

Mesías says he is definitely a tecnico and is happy to be back.

Tinieblas was honored at a horror movie exhibition.


CMLL (FRI) 08/29/2014 Arena México 
1) Soberano Jr. & Star Jr. vs Disturbio & Guerrero Negro Jr. 
2) Cachorro, Dragon Lee, Pegasso vs Kamaitachi, Okumura, Puma 
3) Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Fuego vs Hombre Sin Nombre, Pierroth, Sagrado 
4) Máscara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Valiente vs Cavernario, Felino, Mr. Niebla 
5) Atlantis, Dragón Rojo Jr., Rush vs Negro Casas, Niebla Roja, Rey Escorpión 
6) La Sombra vs Último Guerrero [CMLL Universal, final]

Main event seems destined to bring out the least in each other, but we’ll see.

More Rush versus Negro Casas, though Rush actually has to team with tecnicos this time.

Fourth match could be very fun, will be cut to an 11 minute segment on Fox Sports 2. Which is better than the Segunda is getting. (Cachorro and Dragon Lee should be Coliseo tag champions and Delta & Maya should’ve graduated to better things to do, those titles need to be lower on the card.)

Sagrado’s going to rethink this whole rudo thing if they keep sticking him with Pierroth.