all of today’s posts, in case you missed them in the outage

thoughts on the TripleMania show presentation from Sunday night, plus some news.

straight TripleMania results, for posterity

Results from Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

IWRG results and other notes from shows over the weekend.

Links about Del Rio’s firing, TripleMania interviews, and lucha in Japan.

New lineups for this upcoming week: IWRG, DTU, Coliseo, Guadalajara.

I’ve got a recap post up around 8. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with the video update. We’ve got the full Juicio Final, but we’re missing other shows (and it may just have to be that way for a while.)

Puebla’s big match tonight is Electrico defending his title against Espiritu Maligno. It’d be a big upset for a title change, but would mean more than usual if the Puebla non-mini got the win.