Alberto del Rio on his firing, Flamita and Maximo in Japan

On a Friday Televisa appearance, Alberto del Rio/El Patron recounted the incident which led to his firing, stating he was ashamed of his actions but also “WWE can take my job, but not my dignity.” It’s been reported that the employee who Del Rio slapped smiled at him when Del Rio asked for an apology. Only the employee knows what he meant, but Del Rio read that smile as a smirk saying no apology was coming and Del Rio would have to swallow that insult. After Del Rio slapped the man, El Patron met with Vince McMahon. McMahon said he understood Del Rio’s anger, his actions were inappropriate, but Del Rio was to work the show that night and everything would be well. Del Rio was suspended, then HHH called Del Rio a few days later to say they had to let him go.

At the post TripleMania press conference, Perro Aguayo Jr. said he’d face Alberto el Patron in a hair match whenever Alberto wanted. Psycho Clown is still going for the MegaChampionship.

Taya says her next goal is Faby or Jennifer’s hair. Fantasma says it was a day of mixed emotions: his buddy Texano lost his hair and Fantasma’s father threatened to suspend him, but all his hard work paid off with the title win.

+LuchaTV has clips from TripleMania, including a better shot of the Rey Misterio Jr. promo, the Alberto/Perro fight to close the show, and Texano talking about his defeat.

El Hijo del Santo’s first column in Grafico recounts the time he helped out a charity and one of the people who benefited from his gift a mask called him to tell him how great he was for donating.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news fro this weekend, KrisZ’s early Monday update, and a recap of this week’s Lucha Azteca.

Rob has his TripleMania predictions.

SuperLibre had Pablo Romero as a cranky in studio guest.

LuchaLibreDeMexico has decided to quit posting videos to his YouTube channel. I believe this is at least the second time he’s made this decision this year. He’ll be missed.

Segunda Caida reviews Uprising: Lucha Libre 08/09/14 and Hijo del Santo versus the Head Shrinkers.

LV reviews AAA TV 05/17/14 and CMLL Terra 05/18/14.

Random Cholita article.

Neat picture of Arena Olimpico Laguna, the small Laguna arena all the wrestlers from the area have passed thru at one point or another. I’ve only seen closer shots before, but it’s an open air (no roof!) building, as many of the lucha places are.

Electroshock talks about his career (to preview TripleMania)

Indy luchador Crixus talks about wanting to join AAA (though the article thinks that’s the promotion with Volador and Sombra.)

There was a fundraising show for Nuevo Laredo’s Aventurero, who’s wife is ill.

Lucha Libre In Japan

08/17 Dragon Gate: Flamita (c) b Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin [DG Brave Gate] – 4th (official) defense. Said to be a great Flamita performance. Flamita’s listed working in Mexico City in mid September; we’ll see if he’s actually back this time.

Maximo is on NJPW’s next tour, running from September 5th to the 23rd. He’s working early matches and squaring off with Taichi (who’s just returned from suspension but I guess everyone is still being punished.)