Alberto del Rio to appear at TripleMania

That didn’t take long.

Arturo Rivera says Alberto Del Rio will debut for AAA at TripleMania

No one else is confirming it, and I never know what that means. Did Arturo speak too soon? Have they just not gotten around to it? Let’s assume this is all one the level (though you should read Arturo’s Twitter for people asking him questions about non-competes that he has no real answers about.)

We also don’t know anything more than that. Rivera did indicate he was coming in as Alberto Del Rio. My assumption is AAA wouldn’t be using ADR if they thought he was still bound to WWE by a no-compete (after a false start, they were careful there with Myzteziz) and there might not be one Del Rio was fired. It’s unclear if this is a one appearance deal or something more (though debut implies more.)

It’s unlikely he’ll be able to use the Alberto Del Rio name without some issue. WWE did register the trademark (Expediente numbers 1189099, 1189100, 1189101, 1189103) and will hold those trademarks for a decade more. However, as AAA has seen themselves, it’s often tough to enforce those trademarks.

More to come.


4 thoughts to “Alberto del Rio to appear at TripleMania”

  1. I don’t think whomever uses him will have any issue with saying something like “Alberto Del Rio, el hijo de Dos Caras Jr!” a couple times off the cuff, and then billing him as Dos Jr again.

  2. Televisa deportes is hyping “del Rio” at Triplemania… wonder if this will have the effect of having wwe pulling their RAW infomercial from Televisa…

  3. If I saw it correctly, Triple A just confirmed it on Facebook, complete with graphics and all.

  4. Where do they go from here? I’d assume allying himself with Perro/Sociedad and screwing Myzteziz out of the cup. Or are they hyping him to be in a match? Because there doesn’t seem to be much room to just slot him in.

    Admittedly, I’m happy he jumped to AAA. Their influx of decent/good wrestlers is a nice “restart” for the promotion and the upper card matches have been a lot easier to sit through the past couple months than before.

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