08/02-03 lucha times


== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: First part of AAA in Ecatepec. Guessing minis, Suicide/Pentagon, and Consejo/Psycho

== CMLL ==

FOX2: moved to 1pm on Saturday. One more Relevos Increibles, Atlantis/Rey Escorpion and then who knows.

52MX: Guerreros/Shocker vs Atlantis/Panther/Volador, much anticipated tag title match

Claro: Marco/Stuka/Dorada vs Euforia/Felino/Niebla

C3: Titan vs Cavernario!

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Guerreros defending the trios titles vs Atlantis, Volador and Valiente.

Lucha Azteca: Tag title match.

Terra Sunday: Dorada/Stuka/Valiente vs Bucanero/Terrible/Vangellys, Zeuxis/Silueta

== Other ==

Noches de Coliseo: There were two shows Sunday. No idea which one the cameras shows up for. Probably the Tuesday one.

IWRG (LAS/AYM): last Sunday’s show has already started to air in full, so it’s possible they’ll move to the FILL show. Hoping so.

Team Arena Lopez Mateos defeats Naucalpan, Juicio Final, TripleMania

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG FILL (WED) 07/30/2014 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Sexy Girls, Skandia, Último Caballero b Blue Metal, Fly Tiger, Vardeus
2) Black Niko, Galaxy, Psique b Chicanito, Cosmos Fugas, Zumba
3) Payaso De Plata, Payaso Extremo, Vampiro Metálico b Blue Monsther, Fly Boricua, Marduk Jr.
4) Atomic Star, Matrix Jr., Muerte Infernal b Aramis, Black Angel, Seiya
Money thrown in.
5) Dante, Discordia, Euro, Finders, Ironica, Rey Inmortal, Spider Boy, Xcorpio b Anubis Black, Emperador Azteca, Látigo, Metaleon, Omega, Power Bull, Sky Ángel, Zurdog [Copa High Power]
IWRG vs Arena Lopez Mateos (Yakuza). Match came down to Metaleon versus Spider Boy. Metaleon took out Spider Boy with a dive, but Yakuza hit him with a chair while he was out there. A groggy Metaleon returned to the ring and was beaten by Spider Boy for the win.

Outside team winning Copa High Power usually means more is coming. As usual, the FILL shows draw a decent crowd (of parents and family.)

Last night’s CMLL Informa included all the participants in the apuesta matches on Friday. Negro Casas was on the show, seemed fine. No one talked about Blanca being booked next week or Casas not making his appearances.

Negro Casas says he’s not scared of Rush and plans on celebrating his win with his wife, daughters and grand daughter.

This preview of the women’s match struggles to find a way to make Seductora sound impressive.

Today’s the last day to order TripleMania at the discounted price. They’ve confirmed that the show will be available On Demand after the fact if you can’t watch it live. They’re also doing a trivia contest for tickets for the show.

Eterno, who did not make the TripleMania card, also did not make his scheduled appearance last night in San Luis Potosi. Angel Mortal replaced him. (No idea if that’s related.) Argos replaced Devil Rocker in the main event; they seem to have problems getting three Rockers in the same place at the same time. Demon’s worked as Devil on random spots shows so often that I’m totally sure there are still three regular Rockers.

Cronicas and Leyendas makes their picks for the two big matches.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the top 90-80 on the LuchaWorld 100.

Rob has highlights of 05/06/14 CMLL.

Fuego en el Ring has a story on a remolded Gimnasio Konkreto and a new trainee there and mask maker Stukita. He says he’s making gear for himself (which has looked great) as well as Stuka Jr., Sagrado, Delta, Pequeno Olimpico and others.

SuperLuchas has some photos from the Arena Puebla art exhibit. It’s at the building until 08/21.

Luchador Asesino Negro Jr. (from Campeche – believe he’s not the same guy who was in Guadalajara for years) was arrested for fraud. He created a website promoting tours from Campeche to Mexico City, took the money from the tours, and then just tried to disappear when it came time for the tours. The story says he’s a retired luchador, but I see him booked this weekend. I don’t think he’s making it.