Sagrado rudo, Silueta/Zeuxis, LuchaMania Monterrey

photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL

CMLL (SUN) 07/27/2014 Arena Coliseo [CMLL] 
1) Fantasy, Stukita, Último Dragoncito b Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Universo 2000
Tecncios took 1/3. 
2) Guerrero Negro Jr., Hijo del Signo, Nitro b Black Panther, Soberano Jr., Star Jr.
Rudos took 2/3. 
3) Metálico, Skándalo, Virus DQ Dragon Lee, Fuego, Oro Jr.
Straight falls. Oro/Metalico feud goes on, Metalico tossing his mask to Oro to draw the DQ here. 
4) Silueta b Zeuxis [lightning]
match was originally Rey Cometa vs Okumura. Silueta beat Zeuxis and challenged her to a title match next week. 
5) Gran Guerrero, Pierroth, Pólvora b Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Sagrado
Straight falls for the rudos. Sagrado and Angel de Oro had issues, with Sagrado teasing a rudo turn. 
6) Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr. b Euforia, Felino, Mr. Niebla
Tecnicos took 2/3.

Video links will be up later? Tomorrow? At some point.

I guess Sagrado’s all black outfit was a clue. If the tecnicos get Dragon Rojo and the rudos get Sagrado, who won the trade? (Probably no one who likes to see people in their best roles, but I guess we can wait and see on Sagrado.) The best joke I saw on Twitter was rudo Sagrado becoming an atheist, but I like to imagine that programming people in CMLL are so upset with Myzteziz that they’re making his predecessor his evil parody.

There seems to be a short term end game for Dragon Rojo turning – they tried Rey Escorpion/Maximo, it wasn’t clicking, they still want to do something with Escorpion, voila – but I’m not as convinced about Sagrado going anywhere. Mostly because it’s Sagrado and it hasn’t gone anywhere in five years with him, which might also be the reason enough to give him a new start on the rudo side but it only works if there’s more to it than him turning. Also, somewhat concerned there’s another middle/upper level feud kickstarted prior to September. They’re only a couple more away from being able to fill up a cage. Can’t rule anything out.

The Silueta/Zeuxis situation is a bit amusing. REINA, weeks ago, announced that their August shows would have a title match on every show. Silueta’s on those shows, Zeuxis is not, so the title match outcome could not be more obvious if a Sk8er Boi was involved. Yet, it must’ve not been obvious to the CMLL people in charge of scheduling these things. This lightning match was belatedly added to the card during the week so they could squeeze in the title match before Silueta left. The left hand and right hand need to hold meetings or at least check their email.

(The other important REINA angle you need to know is Negro Casas taught Syuri the secrets of the casita. I only know this because a Twitter bot keeps on repeating it, but I like the idea of Negro revealing hidden info about the cradle half the roster uses.)

The AAA show tonight announced nothing about TripleMania matches to the live crowd, so it’s still possible CMLL might announce The Inevitable Oro Jr. Versus Metalico Mask Versus Mask Counter Programming Extravaganza (official name) for 08/17 before AAA gets around to announcing Mytzeziz’s match on TripleMania. I’m crossing my fingers.

CMLL (SUN) 07/27/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl] 
1) El Tapatío b Reyco 
2) Explosivo b El Yaqui
Explosivo replaced Idolo and got the win. Yaqui’s gear is multicolored and fring-y, like the long missing El Hippie (but no idea if that’s supposed to mean anything.) 
3) Jocker & Thunder Boy b Brillante & El Capitan
Brillante replaced Explosivo. El Capitan’s first match since December. He lost, rudos took 1/3. 
4) Demonio Maya b Virgo [lightning
5) Esfinge, Gallo, León Blanco DQ El Cuatrero, Sansón, Universo 2000 Jr.
Tecnicos took 2/3, Sanson fouled Esfinge. Challenges all around after the match. 
6) Rey Bucanero & Shocker b La Sombra & Valiente
Rudos took 2/3, Shocker cheating to beat Valiente.

+LuchaTV has video of half of LuchaMania Monterrey’s show: Dralion vs Arez, Charles Lucero vs Black Terry and Tony Rodriguez vs Kaientai vs Erik Ortiz vs Kratoz vs Low Rider vs Antonio Garza. They’re not allowed to post the matches with CMLL wrestlers (so no Dark Angel/Princesa Sugehit or Hechicero/Caifan)

The IWRG ladder match did air. I believe I also got Stigma/Virus. I have no idea which is better news, because I’m very tired.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Super Libre had the newest Dinamitas as guests.

Segunda Caida reviews CMLL on LATV 06/08/14 and a random match from a random 2010 IWRG show.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at Mil Mascaras, Villano III, Gran Hamada vs Rick Patterson and the Animals.

CMLL video promo for Friday includes Negro Casas very obviously reading from cue cards. There’s a jump cut and he’s clearly pointing at the women’s names on the other side of the camera. The amazing thing is it proves they do a second take on those.

La Tarde has a bio of Tigre Colombiano.

The Fort Bill Bugle has an article on a luchador in El Paso’s Border Impact Group.


CMLL (SUN) 08/03/2014 Arena Coliseo 
1) Magnus & Sensei vs Cholo & Espiritu Negro 
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Stigma, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Artillero, Hijo del Signo, Súper Comando 
3) Fuego, Oro Jr., Rey Cometa vs Boby Zavala, Metálico, Virus 
4) Zeuxis © vs Silueta [REINA IJ]
Zeuxis is champion, first defense for a title she won 13 months ago (from Silueta.) The only Mexico matches for this title have been between Silueta and Zeuxis. 
5) Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Sagrado vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Pólvora 
6) Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys

Also, why didn’t they have the Guadalajara girl win the title back in Guadalajara (where she lost it last time?) This is shocking news, I know, but I believe no one’s paying attention to details in this lucha libre promotion. This is a fresh insight.

This should be a pretty good card. The fifth match doesn’t have much hope, but wouldn’t have much hope if Angel de Oro & Sagrado weren’t going to fight anyway. This is the best way to use Pierroth, if you have to use him. (You don’t have to use him.)

CMLL (SUN) 08/03/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara 
1) Índigo & Marvel vs Furia Nazi & Relampago 
2) Explosivo, Virgo, William Rock vs Demonio Rojo, Infierno, Thunder Boy 
3) El Divino vs Jocker 
4) Esfinge vs Sansón 
5) Titán & Volador Jr. vs Euforia & Mr. Águila 
6) La Sombra vs Shocker

Sombra and Shocker complete the hat track, doing the same match in Puebla, Mexico and Guadalajara. And quite likely the literal same match. Plans subject to change – the Twitter recapper sure seems to have though the upcoming Shocker match was with Valiente, not Sombra.

I was looking at 1949/1950 Guadalajara lineups last week – because I’m strange and I found them and I keep forgetting I really should be doing some Better Know A Luchador profiles prior to Juicio Final but does anyone really want a Seductora profile (no, you’re lying) – and the top 2/3rds of this card kind of reminds me of those. The style there was to run 8 person shows. They’d just have four singles matches. Sometimes they ran a (new for then) tag team match, but they’d still just have 8 people booked and just one less match. Old luchador frequently complain about (everything but specifically) people not being trained enough before they’re wrestling on shows. I don’t always agree, but it definitely figures to reason that the 15th best person on a 15 man show is probably significantly better than 30th best person on a 30 man show and that person is a whole lot better than 60th best on a 60 man (DTU) show. If people ran smaller shows, like Guadalajara does on Sundays, then maybe they’d be better shows? It doesn’t work out perfectly, Guadalajara seems to be running lesser populated shows on Sunday because the seats are also lesser populated and there are other reasons they’re choosing those people on the show besides them being the best, but maybe it would help if it was just a little tougher to get booked onto shows? (And here, the 100 people in the AAA, CMLL and IWRG schools dying to get booked might argue it’s plenty tough enough already.)

I think I had a point somewhere in there. Not sure.