top six stories of the last two weeks

It was a boring two weeks. Just go read the last one again.

  1. CMLL continued it’s build towards the Juicio Final match with Rush and Negro Casas and their various partners continue to feud. Rush & Shocker kept the tag team titles over Rush & La Sombra. Casas is still the underdog in the hair match, but CMLL seems to be teasing the idea that an angry Rush might get himself DQed and cost himself his hair.
  2. TripleMania is just around the corner, but AAA itself is in a very quiet period. This past week’s TV and this upcoming week’s seem to have little in-ring build to their biggest show of the year (though they’ve stuffed the show with a lot of vignettes and video packages to fix it.) A three week stretch without a new TV taping comes to an end this weekend, and the full TripleMania card should be announced next week. Text and video promos have started teasing a cage match with Electroshock, Jeff Jarrett, La Parka and many people yet to be named – it’s possible there will be an angle to also include Myzteziz in the match on Sunday’s taping, which would explain why he hasn’t had a taping yet. Electroshock also hinted at bringing in a surprise to counter Karen Jarrett; Electroshock’s wife Lady Apache rejoining AAA would fit well for a couples feud.
  3. AAA’s TV also revealed TripleMania will be on Sky PPV in Mexico after all – both SummerSlam and TripleMania will air on PPV in Mexico on the same night thru the same provider. AAA also officially anounces TripleMania would also be on iPPV @ It using a new provider no one knows anything about and the techinical info mentions they’ll only offer refunds if 95% of the show fails to air. (If 12 minutes of 4 hour show airs, they get to keep all the money – though that would be 12 more minutes than last year.) It’s $13 if you are brave enough to purchase it by the end of the month.
  4. WWE announced they would return to Mexico on 10/18 (Mexico City) and 10/19 (Monterrey). Cesaro and Rosa Mendes came to both cities for press conferences (and not Alberto del Rio or Sin Cara or Rey Misterio Jr.)
  5. Dragon Rojo’s new start as a tecnico started with a match against fellow misplaced tecnico Volador. It did not work at all. Rojo is more normally feuding with former partner Rey Escorpion. CMLL continues to tease but not announce Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero as the Anniversary main event, and a Rey Escorpion/Dragon Rojo mask vs hair match looms as the most obvious monkey wrench they could throw in.
  6. AAA’s Fenix has been missing shows with what was announced as a fractured tibia. He’s supposed to be putting his Fusion title on the line at TripleMania, but it sounds like the injury isn’t as bad as it sounds and he’ll be back in time.
  • Aeroboy beat Black Terry to tie up series of matches on ChilangaMask shows.
  • Hijo de Dos Caras won the vacant IWRG IC Heavyweight Championship in what reads like a disaster of a ladder match. They broke all the (cheap) ladders they had, and then they could get the belt untied. No one hand to do a job so the luchadors were happy, which is truly the important thing.
  • People who kept their titles Delta & Guerrero Maya (Arena Coliseo Tag, disappointing match), Virus (world lightweight), Guerreros (world trios), Daga (Cruiserweight title on an AAA spot show in Tijuana). Various Guadalajara titles changed hands, which doesn’t really matter.
  • Loco Max lost his hair in a match he wasn’t supposed to be in, which is a very Loco Max (or Monterrey) story.
  • Konnan Big had a match.