(year) 2000 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

My latest weird research project was going thru the 2000 archives of El Siglo de Torreon, pulling out all the lucha libre info I could find, and adding them to the database. It’s took well a month or two to transcribe them all, and they were added to the database over the last week. There are 279 events covering Coahuila and Durango for that year now. I believe I only had 1 prior.

If you’re someone running your own wrestling match database or otherwise want this info, the complete list of what I pulled together is here. I don’t know if anyone actually DOES, but I like the idea someone might.

I used the El Siglo de Torreon search, and simply searched for lucha libre. I ran another search for building “Arena Olimpico Laguna” to pick up a couple of stragglers, and it’s possible I missed some other ones. It was a lot of transcribing from newspapers, which means a lot of typos. I’ve cleaned up what I’ve caught but there’s still more in there.

The vast majority of the event records I have are just the lineups. This paper was still publishing all the local lineups up to a couple years ago regularly. Results would still be better, but you can still get a handle of some things.

And, so, some things I figured – which will probably only be interesting to people greatly interested in obscure lucha libre in Durango and Coahuila at a specific time.
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CMLL preview, TripleMania cage match

Tonight’s CMLL show has Negro Casas & Shocker defending their newly won their CMLL Tag Team championships against Rush & Sombra. Rush & Casas are two Fridays away from their hair match. The usual finish is Casas cheating to win as a way to prove he might be able to do the same in the hair match, but that doesn’t seem certain. Title matches results this time of year are driven by setting the field for the Universal Tournament. Casas & Sombra have other belts and would be in regardless of tonight’s result. Right now, Shocker’s in and Rush’s out. Rush is one of the favorites to win the tournament, but he’s got to be in it first. There’s still probably four to six weeks before the tournament takes place, enough time for Rush to win a title elsewhere, but he has a pretty good shot of taking care of that business tonight.

(Also, Rush & Sombra winning proves La Mascara is the worst. As if we didn’t know that already!)

The rest of the show includes Atlantis, Stuka Jr. and new tecnico Dragon Rojo taking on Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Escorpion and Polvora. Mascara Dorada and Fuego return from Japan elsewhere down the card, but are likely to be bumped from TV consideration by the women’s feud.

At the ice cream press conference, Joaquin Roldan told Apolo Valdes that the TripleMania card would probably be announced next week. Joaquin mentions there will be a cage match with mask and hair on the line in addition to the matches already announced. This is doubly disappointing, because AAA cage matches are always a mess and because the guys who are likely to be in it (Pentagon, Australian Suicide for sure, Jack & Angelico probably, whatever midcarders aren’t already booked likely) are very good at using the apron and the air between the ring and the floor. They can’t quite do that with a cage in their way. The dive off the top of the cage has been done a numbing amount of time and anything else to do with that cage would be dangerous; there’s nothing cages add in AAA (or CMLL or any lucha promotion) to make a match better.

AAA does a cage match every year because they feel the fans who come to TripleMania are more impressed by a steel structure and the spectacle someone falling off that structure then a good match. They actually may be right, but that’s too cynical even for me.

I guess this does make some sense if Myzteziz or Perro is in the match. Would be surprised if they were.

Chessman says they’ve been instructed to soften up Electroshock before Jeff Jarrett faces him at TripleMania, so I guess Jeff Jarrett is facing Electroshock at TripleMania.

Mini Psycho Circus would like a title shot against Dinastia or a feud with the Mini Vipers.

Princesa Sugehit video interview on her feud with Princesa Blanca.

Segunda Caida reviews Heavy Metal, Máximo, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero vs Shigeo Okumura, Tarzan Boy, Terrible, Universo 2000.

Dr. Wagner’s match in Stardom made it to the internet.

Nitro, back from France, talks about the classes he taught.

Shocker and Ultimo Guerrero are in the Chicago area on Sunday.

Sabor del Ring continues it’s bio of Centella Inca.

Makabre talks about his upcoming apuesta match.


AULL (SAT) 08/16/2014 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Kiuby & Sky Fly vs Pequeño Demonio & Rey Inmortal
2) Pegazus, Shibata, Spider Boy vs Ave Negra, El Hijo De Zumbido, Ironía
3) Ángel de la Noche, Ángel Del Amor, Euro, Rey Krystal vs Epitafio, Leviatham, Samael, Tormento
4) Flamita & Terry 2000 vs Trauma I & Trauma II and Chucho el Roto & Yakuza and Dr. Cerebro & Sádico [Trofeo Adolfo Lopez Mateos]
5) Hijo De Dos Caras, Sin Cara, Tinieblas Jr. vs Averno, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Toscano

They announced Sin Cara and Perro on this day before TripleMania (which will make the rehearsals tough). The best guess for the match they’ll have at TripleMania is about the same match, and this will probably be a little cheaper. Also – Flamita!