07/03 AAA TV Results (Xalapa)

AAA TV (THU) 07/03/2014 Arena Xalapa, Xalapa, Veracruz [@manraykAAALa WagnerMania]
1) Corsario De Fuego, Crazy Man, Demasiado b Destello Azul, Samurai, Zafiro
locals dark match
2) Dinastía & Octagoncito b Mini Histeria & Mini Psycho Clown
Added match.
3) Mamba, Mary Apache, Taya Valkyrie b Faby Apache, La Jarochita, Pimpinela Escarlata
Taya beat Faby Apache with the northen lights suplex. Taya demanded her title shot. Faby accepted – as long as it’s at TripleMania. Sociedad ran in to attack the tecnicas.
4) Alebrije, Argenis, Ludxor b Gran Apache, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Apache and Ludxor replaced the minis (bumped out in their own match.)
5) Daga, Steve Pain, Súper Fly b Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Bengala
Super Fly replaced Eterno and beat Aerostar with a powerbomb.
6) Angélico, Electroshock, Fénix b Hijo del Fantasma, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Pentagón Jr.
Electroshock beat Mascara with a Diamond Cutter.
7) Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Myzteziz, Psycho Clown b Averno, Black Warrior, Chessman, Zorro
Myzteziz submitted Averno.

Air Date: 07/05 & 07/12 – added match makes this able to air over two weeks. The Tehuacan taping disappeared from the Upcoming Events spot after being promoted three weeks ago, so it may have been canceled/postponed and they filled the missing week here.

As pointed out on Twitter, Taya vs Faby will be the first ever women’s title match to be held at TripleMania. There have been big women’s matches (most memorably Faby vs Mary), but not for a championship. The Reina de Reinas (and before that, the Mexican Women’s Championship) were previously used to set up feuds rather than end them, and the women often were found in secondary roles on this show. Not this year.

Should Taya win, she’ll become the first person born outside of Mexico to hold the Reina de Reinas championship. It’s only been a regularly defended championship the last few years, but no foreigner was really a threat to win it prior to now. Taya has a real chance.

Super Fly is on a win streak! A win streak of two, but still. He hasn’t won on two straight tapings since 2011 (a combination of Super Fly’s less than super win/loss record and infrequent appearances.) Super Fly hasn’t won on three straight tapings since 2008, back in the days of his Electroshock feud. I can’t believe that was so long ago. Super Fly will certainly get involved with Aerostar on TripleMania, it’s only a question of Super Fly being added to the match in the next month in a half (which would probably mean an 8th man added to balance the sides) or interfering on his own.

I’m writing a lot about the undercard because there’s not much going on top. There’s no obvious Myzteziz match being set up – he’s beating Averno frequently enough that they can’t be saving that for TripleMania, and they’ve not hinted at him and Perro – and the usual suspects of La Parka and Cibernetico have no obvious matches for TripleMania. Plus, AAA doesn’t run that many singles matches at TripleMania; the two they’ve announced may be it. All star tag matches will be the rule of the day.

Working TripleMania lineup, about 44 days away

  • Psycho Clown (c) vs Texano Jr. [AAA HEAVY]
  • Daga (c) vs Steve Pain vs Eterno vs Fenix vs Bengala vs Aerostar (vs Super Fly? vs ???) [AAA CRUISER]
  • Faby Apache (c) vs Taya Valkyrie [AAA REINA DE REINAS]
  • some tag with Myzteziz, Averno, and Perro Aguayo Jr.
  • something with Electroshock and Jeff Jarrett (may be part of the above)
  • something with Cibernetico, La Parka, Zorro, Chessman (may be part of the above)
  • something with Pentagon Jr. and Australian Suicide (may include Jack Evans, Angelico, and any Consejo members not otherwise used)
  • likely a Relevos AAA to include minis (Dinastia, Mini Abismo Negro) and exoticos (Pimpienla Escarlata, Mamba) and Sexy Star on the card.

Blue Demon Jr. is nowhere to be found. Well, I mean, he was in Brazil and you can find him on Twitter, but the idea of him challenging Chessman for the Latin American title hasn’t been brought up in quite a while. Still time for that to change.

There’s an unusual lack of one time appearances by foreigners on that card. Those guest appearances have largely been a waste of time – no one knew Matt Morgan or Monster Pain, and they’re typically the worst matches on the show – so it’d be nice if they just stopped doing that. Or they’ll have them all in the Jarrett match, as usual.

(At least there’s not going to be another tournament on this show. I hope.)

Next taping is Saturday as part of the Ring & Rock StAAArs 2 weekend. AAA had a fun and games vacation show when they were there in December. It may not be the exactly the same this time around, since that episode of TV will be airing four weeks out from TripleMania and they may want to get Myzteziz’s match for the show out there.

CMLL Friday preview, Mil Mascaras to Guadalajara

The key match on tonight’s Arena Mexico show is probably the segunda, a women’s trios match. CMLL’s spent the last week eagerly pushing the concept of Princesa Blanca & Seductora versus Marcela & Princesa Sugehit in a double apuesta match for Juicio Final. It seems an unlikely match; Marcela’s side isn’t losing one of those, but it seems a waste of Blanca losing her hair to do it a tag match. On the other, that might that tag match might not be a main event and one of the other lingering (and better) feuds might be resolved on the card. Tonight’s women’s match only includes half of the people in the proposed match (Sugehit, Seductora). If the other two get involved, then that tag match is likely to happening. If the other four women start feuding as well, then it’s obviously an unappealing cage match main event for the next CMLL major show.

The top matches on the show continue the issues of the last couple months (or longer): Los Indeseable face Negro Casas, Shocker, and Mr. Niebla again, and Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero meet again in the semifinal.

There’s no broadcast on Terra today. (There’s unlikely to be a return on RadioCMLL either, since CMLL let the domain expired and someone from France is now squatting on it.) With en Busca de un Idolo over, CMLL’s Fox Sports 2 show will likely return to showing the lightning match and the top 2 singles matches. Everything will be taped, but not everything will air. The end result is this women’s feud they appear to be building Juicio Final around will probably only be seen by the people already going to the shows.

I’ve not found out a reason exactly why Terra was dropped on Friday. Simplest guess is it was blamed for crowd’s not being where they want on Fridays. It wouldn’t completely make sense since it has been many months since they were airing full Friday shows (you still had to go if you wanted to see the main event, and the main events are the only things they use to draw people in) but it’s an easy target to blame when things aren’t going well. It’s unlikely to be a major factor. The regular audience for the show seemed to be under 1,000 (possibly way under) and most of those people are like most of the people reading this website, way too far away from Arena Mexico to actually go.

It probably saves someone some money as well – either Terra or CMLL was paying for the transmission, and it’s always been unclear how either side has directly made any money off it. The most advertisements we’ve seen is a pre-roll advert and that was pretty rare. The shows are surely done under the conceit of being a loss leader – if you come to watch CMLL on Terra, maybe you’ll want to go to a CMLL show or click around on a few Terra shows. It’s hard to measure for CMLL (though the crowd not being great may again have been all the proof they needed) but an easier thing for a website to figure out.

Mil Mascaras will return to Arena Coliseo Guadalajara on 07/25. (Video promo.) That’s a Friday, the first Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Friday show since December 2012. It’s also Mil’s first appearance in the building since 2006, when the main event was Blue Demon Jr., Hijo del Santo and Mascaras versus Atlantis, Pierroth and Ultimo Guerrero. That’s a match unlikely to be repeated.

Rob has highlights of 04/16/14 AAA and bad times for Daga.

Malefico notes that his title win over Stuka was the first time he’s ever challenged for a singles title – he wanted to bring the Occidente Light Heavyweight championship back to the hands of a luchador of the Diablo Velasco school instead of an outsider.

Nitro is happy to return to France, wishes Sangre Azteca could’ve come with him.

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