CMLL Friday preview, TripleMania tickets on sale

Tonight’s CMLL show has Rush & La Mascara defending tag team titles, taking on Negro Casas & Shocker. Rush has had great singles matches with both those guys, so it should be a good match if La Mascara holds up his end. Rush & Mascara seemed a sure thing to keep the tag titles back when Niebla and Casas were to be tag team challengers, but that was before Sombra became double champion. CMLL sometimes balances the wins and losses, though CMLL’s so far behind the Indeseables that they still seem likely to win. The non-streamed broadcast has another Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero trio match.

There are important changes in the En Busca de un Idolo standings going into the final week. The non-Hechicero trio has inverted from last week. Dragon Lee has gone from second to fourth, with Cachorro & Cavernario decently ahead of him. CMLL’s formula used to determine points from the poll remains unknowable, but those three should end up within five points of each other going into tonight’s matches. Dragon Lee’s ability to back door his way in with a loss and high poll results is gone.

Instead, the scenarios go like this

  • Hechicero’s still in and may have it clinched after tonight.
  • if Hechicero wins, the winner of Cavernario/Dragon Lee will go in (outside of extraordinary judge/fan poll results)
  • if Cachorro wins, then he and the winner of Cavernario/Dragon Lee will battle for fan votes until Wednesday.
  • draws will also make it very tight and won’t eliminate anyone.

If CMLL wants the Dragon Lee vs Hechicero final – and they seem to want that based on their finishes – then they should both just win tonight.

The Terra broadcast also has a good Panther/Delta/Maya vs Revolucionarios trios match, though the En Busca de un Idolo matches definitely figure to steal the show.

Tickets go on sale for TripleMania today at noon. Don’t see prices listed quite yet, but at least know it really is locked in for 08/17. Different dates had been suggested, as usually happens wiht TripleMania.

Rob has highlights of Rey de Reyes 2014.

LuchaWorld both reviews last week’s En Busca de un Idolo.

Segunda Caida reviews Marco Corleone vs Universo 2000.

El Santo’s statue in Tulancingo was defaced with graffiti.

Cibernetico, Drago, Mamba and Chessman weigh in on the Mexican national team. Their opening match is today at 11AM, so it’s probably already happened by the time you’ve read this.

CMLL preview for Sunday’s show.

Sexy Star threatens to join the cage match on the RCH anniversary show this weekend.

Golden Magic talks about retained his title over Fuerza Guerrera.

The Mexico City Golden Gloves (boxing) tournament starts in Arena Mexico this Saturday.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Jinzo & Rocky Lobo have been announced as a team for NOAH’s Junior Heavyweight Tag Team tournament in July, so they’ll be staying over for a couple months at least. Since nothing else has come out, I’d assume Vengador Radioactivo just didn’t get his paperwork in time and Rocky Lobo already had it done from going to Dragon Gate, so he’s going instead of the kid from Xalapa. Super Crazy and Matt Striker are also a team in the tournament.

4 thoughts to “CMLL Friday preview, TripleMania tickets on sale”

  1. CMLL logic.

    53154 votes = 40 points for Hechicero
    19961 votes = 23 points for Cachorro
    14827 votes = 11 points for Cavernario
    13347 votes = 19 points for Dragon Lee

    So, that means 14827 is a little bit more than half of 13347.

  2. @Ringo: I would guess that someone meant to put 21 points down for Cavernario and typed in 11 by mistake. Hope they fix it, but they haven’t fixed any typo so far.

    Though no idea how you get that number of points from that many votes. Hope the same person who’s doing this math isn’t handling the payoffs.

  3. Is the final a 2/3 falls match? If Hechicero and anyone get some real time to have a match it will be fucking great. (Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing any combination of the top 4 given some really time to stretch)

  4. @phil: They’ve ran them as one fall matches with no time limit the last couple of years, going 10-12 minutes.

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