Myzteziz, double title match tonight

Where did the name Myzteziz come from? AAA says it’s a combination of Mistico and Genesis. Joaquin explained AAA only used the Mistico name to build interest in him but never planned on using it permanently. It sounds like AAA feels they used the Mistico in safe, legal ways, but using that name and mask on the Verano de Escandalo seems like it’s going to end up getting AAA in trouble. I’m surprised they didn’t replace that poster from their website with a new one with the correct name.

Myzteziz said he will still wrestle on indy show as Sin Cara. He believes he legally owns the Sin Cara name, and may gave it to one of his brothers if he sticks with the Myzteziz name. (Please don’t do that.) +LuchaTV has a video interview with Mytzteziz and R de Rudo has footage of the press conference. The logo and font AAA is using for the name is stylish.

AAA actually announced two dates for Ring & Rock StAArs 2 and the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta. They’ll be there first from July 4th to 6th, and then against September 5th and 6th. That second one should be after AAA’s started taping in the US; some of the group may need a few day vacation at a resort hotel at that point. Cibernetico, Sexy Star, Silver King, Angelico, Taya, Elegido, Pentagon Jr., Jack Evans, Hijo del Fantasma, Steve Pain, Daga, Mascarita Sagrada, Fenix, and Faby Apache are listed as appearing.

Today’s CMLL show is headlined by a rare championship versus championship match, though it’s not a rare face off between the two champions. Sombra puts the NWA Historic Middleweight Championship on the line versus Volador Jr. and his NWA Historic Welterweight Championship, with the idea that one of the rivals will end up with both belts at the end of the night. That’s not what has happened

1983-10-28 Arena México: Sangre Chicana © DRAW Ringo Mendoza © [NWA LH, UWA LH]
1991-12-15 Pista Arena Revolución: Lizmark © DRAW Jerry Estrada © [NWA LH, CMLL LH]
2014-06-06 Arena México: Volador Jr. © vs La Sombra © [NWA WELTER, NWA MIDDLE]
(db 80s/90s results have more holes than Swiss cheese, but you get the idea)

CMLL has champions versus champions matches every year – it’s the CMLL Universal tournament – but this one might go a bit longer. CMLL’s preview of the show points out Rush & La Mascara are likely to get involved, and a double disqualification finish seems the most likely outcome. Should be a fun time to get there.

The rest of the card is pretty packed as well. This appears to be a CMLL’s attempt at running a major show right before the World Cup is all anyone talks about. (CMLL’s not promoted it as such, because it’s CMLL, and it’s running against Mexico/Portugal so it probably won’t work too well.) Titan has a rough night. He’s stuck teaming with the disagreeable Rush & La Mascara, and he’s also booked in San Luis Potosi tonight. Not sure how that’s going to work. The two En Busca de un Idolo matches are Cavernario vs Cachorro and Hechicero vs Dragon Lee. Cachorro and Hechicero figure to win to get the whole field to 1-1. Cachorro has to win to keep any chance of advancing. Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis are pushed down to the tercera, los Princesas continue feuding in the second match. The overfilled card puts Raziel and Cancerbero all the way in the opener – how unlikely to see those two men in a primera!

LuchaMania Monterrey says Hechicero will be on the 07/05 show. Opponent to be announced.

Segunda Caida watches Dr. Wagner Jr. & Marco Corleone vs Atlantis & Último Guerrero and 05/10 Lucha Azteca.

El Hijo del Santo’s column is basically about how people are unfair to him so he’s unfair right back. Santo, in the middle of a union pitch, writes Marisela and Dorian “los más grandes explotadores y asesinos de la lucha libre” who should be using their money not in lawsuits (against him) but on a legal team to bail Charly Manson out of jail. His column is preempted for the World Cup the next few weeks, so Santo did a fine job of getting in many columns of grouching at one time.

Viva el Hoy (Chicago) has an interview with El Hijo del Santo. He won’t like it, they list his name in first paragraph. Hijo del Santo says he’s planning his farewell show for August. If that happens, and Santo’s timelines are iffy at best, that sets up for a very busy month. CMLL has their show on 08/01, TripleMania is said to be 08/17 and Santo’s show would be somewhere along the same time. The article says Santo is actually in Chicago this Sunday for a similar conversation; maybe I’ll make it out there, though it does look like a limited amount of tickets are available.

Laredo Kid is wrestling for the kids.

Lucha Libre in Japan

06/06 NJPW: Matt Jackson b Mascara Dorada [BOSJ, match 7]
Mascara Dorada finished 3-4, like every CMLL wrestler in a tournament ever. Mascara Dorada is on the opener of the tour ending show, as always. At least I don’t have to give NJPW money.


IWRG (SUN) 06/15/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Terry, Imposible, Metaleon vs Guerrero Mixtico, Hip Hop Man, Tony Rivera
2) Dr. Cerebro, Golden Magic, Pantera vs Astro Rey Jr., Canis Lupus, Eterno
3) Apolo Estrada Jr. & El Hijo del Diablo © vs Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47 [IWRG IC TAG]
Gringos VIP are champions, first defense.
4) Máscara Sagrada, Relámpago, Súper Nova vs Demon Clown, Trauma I, Trauma II
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo De Dos Caras vs LA Park & Pirata Morgan

Dos Caras Sr. will be honored on the show. The poster says the luchadors will be giving away their masks after their matches; I’m not sure how that works but it sounds pleasant. Not idea if Astro Rey Jr. is meant to be a tecnico or rudo here – his last four appearances are tecnico, rudo, tecnico, rudo.

06/20 AAA TV Lineup (Puebla)

06/20 lineup

AAA TV (FRI) 06/20/2014 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla, Puebla
1) Faby Apache, Ludxor, Venum vs El Apache, Mamba, Sexy Star
2) Aerostar, Alebrije, Niño Hamburguesa vs Carta Brava Jr., Fresero Jr., Súper Fly
3) Australian Suicide, Drago, Joe Lider vs Daga, Eterno, Steve Pain
4) Angélico, Electroshock, Fénix vs Hijo del Fantasma, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Pentagón Jr.
5) ?, Cibernético, Psycho Clown vs Averno, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Zorro

Air Date: 06/28.

Found again on the Aerostar Fan facebook. Someone’s going to get a stern word in the morning.

Zorro’s disappeared for almost this entire cycle – just appearing on the show after Rey de Reyes. Not sure why, but he’s back here. The tecnico surprise is probably really Myzteziz this time. 

Fourth and third mix up some of the usual midcarder. Semimain has Fenix and Fantsama again, so they’ll get to fight even if AAA won’t book their title match. Drago hasn’t been around a lot but should be fun against La Anarquia.

Venum and Ludxor are in all the openers. Since they are, some of the guys usually in the openers move up a spot – there the Aerostar/Super Fly feud, which would be two tapings in a row. This Alebrije wrestles primarly in Puebla, which might be why he’s on the show here. He hasn’t been on since lsat summer. He was added to the Mexican Powers then, not sure if he’s still meant to be there.

Next taping is 06/27 in Queretaro. 8 weeks of TV until TripleMania.