CMLL tonight, Juicio Final on 08/01, RCH

CMLL’s main event is listed as a relevos increibels, but it’s basically the Rush/Sombra/Mascara Indeseable trio taking on a coallition of their enemies: Shocker, Negro Casas and Volador Jr. Something needs to progress in that story, so maybe they’ll end up with more definite post match challenges than usual.

The highlight of the show is the start of the second round of En Busca de un Idolo. It’s tecnico/tecnico and rudo/rudo matches tonight, with Cavernario versus Hechicero and Dragon Lee versus Cachorro. Every match this round will be a rematch for the first time, as this is the first year where everyone faced everyone else in the first round. Cavernario/Hechicero was the early great match which set the tone for the entire tournament and Lee/Cachorro was very sharp as well. Everyone in this round will end up with about the same amount of judging points (a lot of ’em) and fan voting was pretty close between the three youngsters (about 2 points a week on average seperating them), so the actual match results will likely be the deciding factor this round. Those 20 points are big.

You don’t need to wait for next week’s CMLL Informa: CMLL’s next major show appears to be Juicio Final on 08/01. (You may also be able to skip the next two months of programming, because it doesn’t seem like much will happen until then.) The usual montage of feuding people with no hint of what match will take place. Juicio Final is frequently a multi man cage match and could certainly be one again. This is a much later than usual for this event and may suggest the current plan for the Anniversary show is mid to late September to space things out. It’s peculiar for CMLL to wait until August 1st to run a show of this type.

The concentration of upcoming AAA TV tapings meant they had two different press conferences occurring yesterday. Parka Negra (looking thin), Silver King, Taya, Monster Clown and Cibernetico went to Celaya, while Chessman, Pentagon, Texano, Parka and Psycho Clown traveled to Orizaba.

LuchaMania Monterrey will be promoting their own show on 07/05. Their idea is to just bring in a bunch of talented guys, regardless of how big a name there are, and put on the kind of show they’d like to see. The card will begin to be announced next week.

CMLL’s sent out an article introducing Esfinge, after he’s already debuted and with no next match announced. The big news is Esfinge actually has a name for his finishing manuver. It’s not a creative name – nudo egipcio – but that puts him ahead of 80% of the roster.

Mephisto had a strange interview with ESTO, because neither he nor the interviewer were allowed to mention Averno or even directly refer to someone leaving Mephisto’s trio. Mephisto says he and Ephesto are looking for a new trio partner and have something in mind. That may happen, but I suspect it’s also just the default thing to say when the programming department hasn’t gotten around to letting anyone know what’s happening.

La Parka: “Hay cosas muy desconcertantes en este momento.” He’s talking about Averno and Mistico, but I feel like this this could apply to all times.

Speaking of – LuchaMania Monterrey noticed Antifaz del Norte turned up this weekend with a CMLL Heavyweight Championship belt. As best as I can figure, this was the belt that was pictured as the WWF IC championship on Arena el Angel’s poster this past weekend and Gigga will probably win it back at some point. It’s weird to have a replica of the CMLL Heavyweight belt floating around, but you can buy those things and it’s not the weirdest thing in lucha.

AAA has a new fan club, if you’re in Mexico and using Telcel. I don’t have Telcel, so I know nothing more about it (except there are charges.) They’ve done this before where you get wallpapers for your phone background and such.

Rob has highlights of late June 2001.

Fenix defends AAA Fusion title this Saturday in Arena Roberto Paz.

Fuerza Guerrera wants to fight everyone.

El Hijo del Santo has an interview with Ray Mendoza.

El Pulpo won Barba Roja’s mask. That probably took place on 05/23, as there was a triangle apuesta match with Pirata Morgan scheduled for Gimnasio Municipal Las Liebres, Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas on that day.

Coyote Azul Jr. took Steel Angel’s mask in San Luis Potosi.

Mazatlan’s el Angel talks about his retirement show this weekend.

Lucha Libre in Japan

05/29 WNC: Amapola (c) b Syuri [CMLL-REINA INTL] – second defense.

Elsewhere on the same show, La Comandante picked up the direct win in a segunda trios, while Hijo del Pantera’s trio lost the fourth match (though he didn’t take the direct loss.)

05/30 NJPW: TAKA Michinoku b Mascara Dorada [BOSJ, match 1] – boooooooooooooooooooooo


AAA RCH (SAT) 06/14/2014 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) ? & Yuca La Potranquita vs ?? & Keira
2) Aerostar, Australian Suicide, Fénix vs Eterno, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Steve Pain
3) Drago & Faby Apache vs Pentagón Jr. & Sexy Star
4) Araña de Plata vs Atomic Star, Látigo, Principe Diamante, Matrix, Power Bull, Sky Ángel, Kalibus [cage, mask]
5) Psycho Clown vs Texano Jr., Zorro, Cibernético [RCH HEAVY]
new championship

First anniversary show. Everyone but Kalibus is an IWRG trainee. Segunda should be great.