top six stories of the last two weeks

(off the top of my head and in a hurry)

  1. an unnamed Sin Cara didn’t wrestle on either of AAA tapings in Chiapas this past fortnight, but made the save for the tecnicos on both shows. He wore his old mask and revealed a new one, seeming to set up a new identity. Sin Cara even spoke about getting a third name to the press. After all that, AAA announced him as wrestling as Mistico and pictured him in his Mistico mask on Verano de Escandalo. AAA’s also shown no concern about using the Averno or Bengala names. It seems both legally doubtfully and seemingly totally hypocritical (they’re essentially doing what they’ve spent years in court trying to get Psicosis II/Histeria/Alebrije not to do), but there’s surely a fantastic story coming about how this is possible. Haven’t heard it yet. CMLL hasn’t addressed the situation, but may get around to it tonight.
  2. The rest of Verano de Escandalo card is usual fare for a non-TripleMania major show. The nearly year long Psycho Clown versus Texano Jr. feud has it’s second ever title match, with Psycho Clown getting a rematch after referee Hijo del Tirantes cost him the championship back in October. (No one’s addresses if Hijo del Tirantes will be referee again.) The Mistico trios match, with nothing on the line but Mistico and Averno back in the same ring, main events. The undercard includes part two of a mysterious cruiserweight title tournament. That tournament started when champ Daga missed a show, and was billed as for the vacant title – but now Daga’s back on the card and it’s a #1 tournament. Mysterious, I tell you. Maybe the bigger story will take place on the card – there’s no obvious TripleMania main event yet.
  3. CMLL does have an obvious Anniversary main event – Ultimo Guerrero versus Atlantis, this time we mean it – but is just running in place on that. They’re also running in place on a La Mascara/La Sombra/Rush versus Everyone Else feud. Mr. Niebla is supposed to be a big part of the Everyone Else but appeared to have gotten himself suspended while already serving another suspension. It’s some next level effort.
  4. CMLL’s one storyline that is moving along is the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. They’ve cut down to a final four of Cachorro, Dragon Lee, Hechicero and Cavernario. Hechicero’s overwhelming fan support means he’s almost certainly going to make the final, but which of the other three join him and who ultimately wins is a unknown. All four have been excellent so far.
  5. CMLL started to air a Mistico (II) vignette detailing his accident and injury. Should CMLL actually follow up on this and air regular new vignettes featuring Mistico on the road to recovery for the four months (his stated return date), this might actually succeed in getting Mistico II over in his return. CMLL following up on something regularly seems highly unlikely so we’re probably safe there.
  6. I’m stuck on six. DTU ran shows which went okay when the commissions would actually let them do their hardcore stuff. X-Fly lost his hair for the five millionith time (and no commission seemed to have a problem with that?) CMLL shuffled their TV shows around a bit, no one noticed? CMLL is doing a weekday night news/recap show on Terra, which maybe a 100 people will actually see? CMLL returned to doing live Twitter updates for their shows, that was nice.

Other news
– a lot of people kept titles