Maximo/Escorpion, En Busca de un Idolo

Tonight’s CMLL main event is based around Maximo versus Rey Escorpion, a feud I forgot was still going. Rey Escorpion might have forget too, as he’s been busy feuding with Sombra and Mascara. Semimain is Dorada, Valiente and Titan versus Ripper, Kraneo and Mephisto in a showcase for the tecnicos.

Tonight’s En Busca de un Idolo matches, one spot (and 20 minutes) earlier than normal are Cachorro vs Super Halcon Jr. and Soberano vs Barbaro Cavernario. Both Cachorro & Soberano need wins. Soberano has tougher competition, but it would see like Super Halcon Jr. is the toughest to score judging points against since his own boring matches would drag down his opponents. That turns out to be almost true.

Average Judging Points AGAINST
31.2 Cachorro
30.3 Soberano Jr.
29.7 Dragon Lee
29.3 Star Jr.
28.5 Cavernario
28.2 Hechicero
28.2 Super Halcon Jr.
26.2 Guerrero Negro Jr.

This means those who faced Star Jr. get an average of 29 points from the judges. I am as surprised as you to see Hechicero and Cavernario so low. Cachorro on top means his match versus Super Halcon Jr. tonight should be beloved by the judges, or Halcon will drag Cachorro more towards the middle.

This week’s poll numbers aren’t final yet, but Hechicero is on the way to winning 40 points again. Dragon Lee is second and Star Jr. is fourth, so Lee should slip ahead of Star for fourth overall once the final numbers are in. Dragon Lee has a good chance to move all the way to third.

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