CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-04-19


taped 2014-04-08 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara

Disturbo’s double knee smash

Black Metal, Esfinge, Leo vs Camorra, Cholo, Disturbio: This was set up as the usual bit of victim getting some revenge on the person who beat them in the apuesta match and Camorra and Leo were involved in the third fall finish, but their feud didn’t seem a bit deal in the context of the match. This was a match with a fair amount of spots where I wasn’t quite sure what they were trying to do. Black Metal, a peer of Cavernario (what seems like) a long time ago, did not have a good match. No one really did. It seemed going in like they should been showing Silueta/Zeuxis in this spot and it seemed more so after watching the match. Camorra is a not nearly as good as Misterioso at losing a fall he should win.

not exactly the Hijos del Averno and Mistico

taped 2014-04-13 @ Arena Coliseo


Titan makes a neat escape

Diamante Azul, La Máscara, Titán vs Euforia, Pierroth, Último Guerrero: Very routine match with a little nifty stuff from Titan and Euforia. People have gotten annoyed with Pierroth at various times, but Titan getting angry at him in the opening mat exchange seems to be a first. Titan demanding to fight Pierroth when Ultimo Guerrero had already tagged in was different and not a different Ultimo Guerrero liked. In related news, Diamante Azul should stop trying to give Pierroth quebradoras, because he can’t take them and they look bad every time. Azul seemed to take over Titan’s anger after the match, because that looked like more than a normal post match brawl. (Pierroth went for the eyes – or at least the eye holes.)

Rey Escorpion is gonna get you

Marco Corleone, Máximo, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión: Dragon Rojo has gone from wearing a shirt to hide his fatness to wearing a shirt to hide his thinness. Is he okay? This doesn’t seem healthy at all. Rey Escorpion is a better Misterioso, and thanks for doing that finish twice on the same show. This was a match built on trapping Máximo in the ring and (leisurely) beating him until – they just weren’t any more. Marco getting to come I helped, but more it was just over and Máximo was back kissing people. Máximo versus Rey Escorpion will do fine because Máximo is one of the most recognizable figures in modern lucha libre, but the matches setting it up have been lacking. This was one of their weaker ones.