top six stories of the last two weeks

  • Maria del Angel and mask maker Bucio passed away.
  1. WWE announced Sin Cara was released from his contract. There’s confusion as to what this means for his ability to be on TV, but his upcoming show schedule has increased and it seems like he may show up on next weekend’s AAA TV Taping.
  2. The En Busca de un Idolo tournament got underway. This year’s format appears to be a eight man round robin format, though no one’s quite sure what happens when the round robin stops. Hechicero is off to the early lead, as expected.
  3. Blue Demon Jr. defied US immigration and/or the Gregorian calendar by appearing on the AAA taping in Ciudad Victoria. He gave Chessman his Latin American championship, as promised, and asked for a chance to win the title back. Chessman took the belt but not the challenge. Other feuds continued to run in place, though upcoming lineups suggest they’ll finally advance in upcoming weeks.
  4. Pequeno Halcon, a third tier mini in a second rate division, lost his mask in a cage match as the main event of the Arena Coliseo Anniversary show. Atlantis defeated Mr. Niebla in the semimain.
  5. Black Terry took Tony Rivera’s hair in IWRG in the culmination of a many month feud between the promotion and Rivera’s Neza outsiders.
  6. Opening match Mexico City rudo Camorra took Guadalajara local Leo’s hair, for some reason.
  • Guerreros Laguneros defeated Estetas del Aire to win the CMLL trios titles, though Mistico kept his own welterweight title a few days later.
  • Amapola won a cibernetico to challenge for the CMLL-REINA championship against the visiting Syrui.
  • Volador Jr. kept his NWA Welterweight title over Negro Casas
  • A series of Invasors versus rudos feuds took place in Arena Puebla to set up Mr. Aguila versus Mephisto, for some reason.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Demon could potentially get a waiver to leave the country while trying to get his permanent residence resolved. No idea if that is what has happened here or not. It could be that he hadn’t gotten sign off in time for the previous shows.

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