En Busca de un Idolo, Sin Cara

Today’s Arena Mexico starts off the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. We still don’t know how if anything else has been changing with the tournament, since the website remains only pictures of the press conference. The biggest question is the fan voting; the vote totals have been heavily inflated by the same people voting mutliple times (like, thousands of times.) There’s a variety of methods CMLL could use to limit stuff the ballot and make the contest more fair, but they’d end up with a much reduced final vote total. The vote totals are so out of line with expectations they really shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone with a decent understanding of the internet, but the people high up in CMLL (and who may be in charge of this) aren’t said to have a great grasp of the internet. CMLL’s prior point system has meant the fan voting is twice as important as the decisions, so whatever CMLL ends up doing with the voting is as important to En Busca de un Idolo as any of the matches.

Matches should still be fun. The tournament kicks off with Cachorro versus Star Junior and Soberano Junior versus Dragon Lee, two matches of young high flyers that should end tonight’s Terra broadcast. The actual main event tonight is Atlantis, Rush & La Mascara versus Negro Casas, Shocker and Mr. Niebla, where Rush feuds might take a back seat to building up Atlantis & Mr. Niebla. The Estetas del Aire also team up a week after losing the trios titles, facing the Invasors.

Tonight’s the last CMLL on Terra stream which starts an hour late if you’ve already done the daylight savings time switch. Terra website has gone thru a redesign and the link for the shows might not be in the usual place; this seems like it might be the live link for later.

This week’s Wrestling Observer says AAA believes Sin Cara will be under a no compete until around June 26, and they’d sign him at that point. I’m missing something, because it’s not like AAA’s been afraid to put Sin Cara on their TV already – why wait until June if you’re putting him on TV in February when he’s still under contract to WWE? (And why put him on TV in February if you can’t use him until the end of June? Unless Sin Cara wasn’t totally honest with his contract status, which is not impossible the way this story is going.) Maybe it’ll just be four months of teasing something to happen before it finally does, which would actually be faster than usual for AAA. AAA’s preview of the Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera show mentions The Mystery Guy, which builds expectations he’ll be showing up next weekend in some capacity.

CMLL’s preview of Sunday’s show notes that Okumura has lost the only two cage matches in the history of Arena Coliseo. It’s going to be tough for him to lose this Sunday in a minis match, but I have faith in him.

On today’s MLW Radio Extra, Konnan’s asked about the top five guys working for him at the moment and picks (in no particular order) Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Steve Pain, Faby Apache, and Mesias.

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s Tercera Caida.

Star Fire, who won the WWS multiwoman match to get a shot at the Stardom championship, says that match will take place on the next Lucha Fan Fest. She’s facing the winner of a 04/29 match between Alpha Female and champion Io Shirai, so I guess Io Shirai is coming back to Mexico.

There’s a story on Facebook that Lolita has disappeared from lucha libre because she’s pregnant.

Mamba declares herself the present and future of exoticos.

The Villanos Hall of Fame ceremony is said to be airing on Green TV tonight at 11pm. I had no idea there was a Green TV. (It’s a half hour show that’s probably just showing a couple minutes of clips.)