Arena Mexico, Bucio, Sin Cara, Metalico

Tonight’s CMLL follows up on Dos Leyendas strongly. The Estetas/Guerreros trios title match takes place after being teased off and on the last month or so. The Estetas are the favorites to keep the titles, but a Guerreros title change is not of the question. Volador and Sombra meet in a special singles match, where the outcome is probably not as important as where it leaves both men going forward. The portion airing on (assuming it airs as scheduled!) includes the two hair matches from last Friday back as part of trios matches tonight.

Mask maker Arturo Bucio passed away. I don’t know a lot about the different mask makers, but I do know he was highly regarded for his work.

The Wrestling Observer says WWE’s announcement of Sin Cara’s dismissal was actually his no-compete ending. That means he’s now completely free to go anywhere he wants, including AAA’s TV taping in Ciudad Victoria on Saturday. I don’t think he’ll be there that soon, they probably would prefer to have him debut in a bigger moment. However, if Blue Demon Jr. misses AAA’s show again, then it’s not impossible AAA calls Sin Cara in as a last minute sub – as long as they can figure out what to call him.

Metalico suffered a separated shoulder in the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. Metalico says he could not give up, but really couldn’t do much and was easy picking for Cachorro. Metalico says the doctor’s do not yet know when he’ll be cleared to return. (CMLL Facebook posted a photo of Metalico in a sling before a TV appearance.) He notes his feud with Hijo del Signo (and how that just went away), and says he’s interested in feuding with someone else now – Hechicero! That sounds much better. CMLL should really take advantage of the story they’ve been handed and spend a year building to Metalico getting another shot in the tournament he nearly made.

Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr., Faby Apache do interviews to build up the mixed tag team title match that isn’t anywhere on the schedule. You know, if this was Cibernetico versus Perro Aguayo Jr. in a hair match, I’d totally understand holding it back for the right occasion. This is a mixed tag tema title match, you can do it any time and it’ll be fine. (Also, while I’m thinking about, this Saturday’s TV really should be pushing a DF taping for next week if one actually exists and has this title match.)

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s Tercera Caida.

El Hijo del Santo writes about his rudo stint.

Control Creativa has a short documentary on El Gallo.

Training with Lucha Libre Volcanica.

Captain H20 will soon debut in Coliseo Chihuahua.

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-03-08


taped 2014-03-04 @ Arena México


body spinning armbar

Black Panther & Flyer vs Apocalipsis & Camorra: There was a team here who didn’t understand the legal way to make tags – and that team was the experienced duo of Camorra & Apocalipsis. Black Panther & Flyer are rookies who didn’t do everything perfectly, but at least they’re far more interesting than the rudos in this match. This was mostly the normal opener, but Flyer won a fall with hammerlock!


Zeuxis crushing knee smash

Lady Afrodita, Marcela, Silueta vs Princesa Blanca, Tiffany, Zeuxis: Women’s match which got plenty of time and was built around Blanca vs Marcela. Poor Blanca was so full of joy when she thought she was about to win, and then Marcela dropped her o her head. The Zeuxis/Marcela section in the third fall was interesting too, they need to do that title match sometime this year. Silueta/Zeuxis also worked well together, with Silueta always coming off a little bit angrier when facing her rival. This might have been a pretty good match if they had someone better than Lady Afrodita in it. Tiffany completely led her thru their first fall sequence, with Afrodita being unable to do anything unless Tiffany set her up, and Afrodita was lost and slow the rest of the way. I wouldn’t have trusted her to take Zeuxis’ piledriver finish safely, but she seemed okay after. I have no idea what’s going on there.


I have no idea

Pegasso, Soberano Jr., Valiente vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus: Good match. Pegasso did face off with Virus at the start, but him getting the win at the end still came off as a surprise. Los Cancerberos seemed to be having a lot of fun destroying Soberano, even despite Raziel almost dropping the kid on his head. Add Soberano versus Virus as one of the matches we need to see this year, though I’m not sure if it’s worth one of Virus’ two title matches per year. Maybe it can be a lightning match instead of a title one?


Valiente Special

Cachorro, Sagrado, Super Porky vs Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger: Normal trios. Tiger & Puma made the most of Brazo de Plata by bullying him strongly in the second fall, and he got his revenge in the end. Sagrado also managed to block Puma’s jumping front cracker – must be the hurt arm! (Or Puma taking quite a while to set up.) Cachorro fit in here and took a crazy bump, so it was business as usual. They didn’t really play up the Tiger/Puma vs Cachorro thing, sot hat’s been forgotten for now.



La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr. vs Boby Zavala, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero: This was not much of a match, but a long story to set up Mascara/Mephisto next week. Zavala and Dorada looked good in the time they had but didn’t have much time. Finally, La Mascara has a good reason to wear the hoodie – it helped him cover up his face after Mephisto unmasked him. (C3 didn’t help much, kind of clearly showing his face for a moment.) I have no idea what took him so long to return; Mascara masks aren’t that hard to find around Arena México. Maybe hea had to have a pink one. Crowd was far more excited for this match than I was.

Dorada is just flying by