03/28-30 lucha times


This is the last complete week of the Daylight Savings gap. Everyone’s back on the same clock starting to Sunday.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Part 2 of Rey de Reyes! Chessman vs Villano IV, tag title mach, Rey de Reyes final

== CMLL ==

FOX: Dos Leyendas. Who know what this means. It’s still listed as only one hour in the guide, which is enough time for two complete matches or three terribly edited matches. I’m guessing the two hair matches, but they could away save one for a rainy day.

52MX: Top 2 from Sunday, plus either the Camorra/Leo build up trios or Dalys versus Estrellita. Dalys could have two singles matches on TV, or zero.

C3: En Busca de un Idolo tournament should air here, since Hechicero filmed the intro and they’ve never included someone in the intro without also airing his match. There’s always the chance of editing, but this is by far the least edited show of the DF ones.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Volador vs Mephisto. Currently listed as 9 pm. By the way, the replay that was supposed to be Thursday aired on Tuesday, which TVC only listed hours after it aired.

Lucha Azteca: Parajes Increibles, Block B.

Terra Friday: back! Rush vs Shocker in trios should be the internet main event. They’ll probably be back to airing the top 5 going forward, because the En Busca de un Idolo matches have generally been 4th and 5th.

Terra Sunday: More Maximo vs Rey Escorpion, Skadi’s debut, and a main event for next week somewhere.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: probably Wednesday show, so the super team of Veneno, Nino Hamburguesa and Chico Che versus Traumas and eterno.

Noches de Coliseo: ???? Ricky Marvin? I actually don’t know if he made it.

Traums and Eterno have problems (again), tecnicos beat Gringos, TripleMania date

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (WED) 03/26/2014 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), IWRG]
1) Sky Ángel b Power Bull
2) Atomic Star & Electro Boy b Ángel Del Amor & Seiya
3) Centvrión, Emperador Azteca, Metaleon b Broken Clown, Dave The Clown, Rothen Clown
4) Máscara Púrpura, Relámpago, Súper Nova b Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo [super libre]
Tecnicos won in straight falls, setting up a title match.
5) Chico Che, Niño Hamburguesa, Veneno b Eterno, Trauma I, Trauma II
Team Weird People won when Trauma I and Eterno hit each other by accident. Eterno attacked the Traumas after the match and vowed to bring back to Familia de Tijuana.

The Famlia de Tijuana is just Eterno & X-Fly, unless he’s bring back the 666s or adding new people. Interesting that Eterno never talks about bringing in Juvi or Steve Pain.

WWE announced Sin Cara was released from his contract yesterday. This is a surprise, because most thought his contract ended months ago. That would explain things like Sin Cara appearing on the DF show but people in AAA not publicly confirming it was him – legally, he wasn’t supposed to be there. It also explains why shows were announced and unannounced, since a WWE contracted Sin Cara probably wasn’t allowed to accept outside bookings until he was on the outside. (Though it’s a question of why he would agree to doing any of that when he wasn’t yet legally allowed to do it.) I”m totally confused, and don’t know if this means Sin Cara is free and clear to appear as soon as Saturday in AAA, or if the 90 no compete clock starts now and he won’t be able to be on TV until nearly August.

On the latest Dr. Lucha podcast, he says he believes TripleMania will take place on 08/10, the first el Rey taping is the weekend of 08/17, and that TV show would debut 09/08. He also appeared to be under the impression AAA would be taping the el Rey show ever week for a while. That eight day stretch of TripleMania and the first El Rey show figures to be super hectic for both the luchadors and people in charge. The advantage of putting them so close together is AAA will be way ahead on Mexico TV after TripleMania (usually split up over 2 or 3 weeks), and it’s possible the decision to do both events so close together is on El Rey made for them, but it’s a lot of balls to keep juggling and something’s bound to get dropped.

This week’s TerceraCaida had a bunch of guests: Apolo Estrada Jr., Álex Segura, Arez and Belial. The after the show video is also up.

Rob has highlights of 01/14/14 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


IWRG FILL (SUN) 03/30/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Niko, Dragon Blanco, Rey Dragon vs Amarok, Mercenario De La Muerte, Ultimo Caballero
2) Galaxy, Seiya, Skull Metal vs Cosmos Fugas, Muerte Infernal, Zurdog
3) Blue Monsther, Payaso De Plata, Payaso Extreme vs Anubis Black, Fulgor II, Matrix Jr.
4) Emperador Azteca, Metaleon, Mr. Leo vs Freyser, Imposible, Picudo Jr.
5) Black Terry, Dragón Celestial, Fulgor I, Látigo, Power Bull, Sky Ángel vs Andy Boy, Ciclon Black, Guerrero Mixtico, Haziel, Orión, Tony Rivera [Torneo Fill XXXIII]

It’s not explicitly listed as FILL show, but it’s all trainees, they’re doing the tumbling exhibition before the show, and Blue Monsther is on the card, so it’s definitely a FILL show. Main event should be fun. There was Rey Dragon in Monterrey, there is one in SLP, I have no idea which one