top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Shocker lost his hair for the first time in the main event of Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. Rush got the big win and said he wanted to finish things with Negro Casas next. Marcela defeated Dalys in a women’s hair match where Dalys was said to take quite a beating. Dalys would like a title shot anyway. Neither of those two outcomes are that surprising; the biggest upset was CMLL’s March show apparently outdrawing AAA’s March show. Atlantis continued his domination in the annual incredible pairs tournament, winning for the fourth time in five years, this time with Euforia. Maximo & Rey Escorpion fought with each other instead of Atlantis’ team and seem likely to have a hair match this summer. Cien Caras was honored (which appeared to be the favorite part for long time fans), and his two soon to be debuting sons were introduced. This show was the first CMLL Friday night show not to air at all since August 30th. CMLL and Terra spent the week avoiding answering questions about the status of the broadcast all week, until CMLL finally off hand mentioned on Facebook the show wasn’t airing about 60 minutes before bell time. This upcoming Friday’s show is back on the Terra website, so it appears it was a one time plan to not give away the major show for free and force everyone to come to the arena to see the show, only no one knew this until much too late to actually go to the show.
  2. – La Parka won his fifth Rey de Reyes tournament in the main event of the show the same name. Steve Pain lost his hair in the dome cage match and the two champions who showed up (Daga and tag champs Angelico & Jack Evans) kept their titles in four way matches. The show was notable for who didn’t show: Elegido (????), Juvi (foot injury), and Blue Demon (maybe trying to get US residency.) Demon was scheduled to defend the Latin America championship, and almost definitely keep the Latin American championship, but challenger Chessman defeated Villano IV instead with the idea of doing Chessman/Demon some other day. Attendance seemed down from the year before, which was blamed on the cloudy skies. The plan for making this an iPPV, never officially announced, did not happen.
  3. – Mistico La Nueva Era oddly didn’t appear as billed in the scheduled main event the Friday before Dos Leyendas. Sin Cara claimed his replacement was pulled for being drunk, Mistico claimed he doesn’t like to drink, the listing of him on the show was an internet typo and wasn’t at the show at all. It didn’t appear to be an internet typo at all, but maybe it Mistico actually wasn’t scheduled since Volador replaced him to kick off the latest Sombra/Volador feud.
  4. – The AAA/El Rey show will start taping in August to air in September…or that’s just the current plan, according to the Wrestling Observer.
  5. – Chilanga Mask’s first anniversary show had a bloody main event of Aero Boy, DJ Hyde, Masada and Kaientai in a death match. Aeroboy won, and was invited to the CZW tournament of death. Like with Rey de Reyes, important people didn’t make it – the Young Bucks were scheduled for a three way tag but missed the show for unclear reasons. CMLL’s Rey Cometa, also supposed to be in that tag match, ended up booked in Arizona instead, and was replaced by Mascara Dorada as part of two special singles matches.
  6. Sin Cara continues to be weird and not to wrestle much. At least one those should change about a month from now, beginning with shows in late April and early March. Shows in that timeline Sin Cara previously dismissed as fake are now being promoted by the same Sin Cara as real. (It appeared to be a WWE no-compete issue.)
  • Oficial AK47 lost his hair to Tony Rivera in IWRG’s annual loser advance cage match show Guerra de Golfo. The rudos had been trying to cost Black Terry the match but were foiled and were forced to face each other instead. Skayde, who had been wrestling here with his mask, wrestled the match unmasked.
  • Super Nova won a title in Naucalpan.
  • Stuka won a title in Guadalajara
  • Mephisto kept his title in a La Mascara in a battle of campanas.
  • Estrellita keep her title in Guadalajara, the start of a very bad week for Dalys.

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