AAA on Televisa: 2014-03-01


taped 2014-02-21 @ Gimnasio Olímpico Juan de la Barrera, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

Mascarita Sagrada cut down

Dinastía, Mascarita Sagrada, Mini Drago vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria: This match was good for stretches, but had moments where the técnicos completely bombed out on a move. Dinastía was good throughout and didn’t have a problem, but his partners weren’t so lucky. Mini Drago was fine for his debut and probably would’ve been better if he had pulled off the springboard he was trying. He seemed to be having problems with his mask – he kept grabbing at the back of it, as if it didn’t fit him right. Sagrada had a rough night with a bad ending; he’s not really been as good as the other people to wear that mask, but he’s been better than this. The rudos were all solid thru and they set up Dinastía/Charly well (if you already knew it was happening; no post match promo or indication they were having a title match.) I’ve figured out Zuniga is calling moves based on what bumps the victims takes, rather than what move is actually being done, so that’s how you end up with him yelling “Canadian! Canadian!” on a snap huracanrana. Also, they’re making up for knowing 1/3rds of the moves by repeating each of them three times. It’s still bad, but at least I’ve found some logic. Matches with tones of moves, like any Dinastía match, are where he’s always going to fare the worst.

not even really close


Demon Rocker brings the dance moves

Angélico, Australian Suicide, Zumbi vs Demon Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker: This looked on paper like the usual gringos trios with their designated dancer subbed for someone from a bit farther south, and it was structured in the usual way, but it still had a different feel with Zumbi instead of Jack. It was more one on one, without the double teams but with Zumbi’s weird offense. (Zumbi was finally ready for someone to hit him while he was dancing! The man is learning.)

Rocker flying thru

The Rockers were a great bumbling team as always. Machine Rocker is known to be great the physical parts, but he’s totally underrated for his reactions to the absurd stuff going around him. The bit where Angelico caused two straight Rockers to miss a charge and dive to the floor as great, and I was really sad it wasn’t all three. That’s the kind of the stuff the Rockers need to roll with. Suicide’s shootings star press to the floor looked incredible; he went a long way on that. He had a pretty good match, though the big miss after the match did not seem to go the way he thought it would. Crowd passionately hated Angelico for existing, but he was alright here.

long distance shooting star press suicide
twisting shooting star press

Psycho Clown vs Black Warrior, Texano Jr., Psicosis in a AAA’s Rey de Reyes Tournament match: There are three rudos and one técnico here, and the rudos turn on each other for no particular reason after two minutes. (Crowd dies at that point.) They needed a way to allow Psycho Clown to do stuff and it was going to require the rudos screwing up in some way, but they probably could’ve picked a way where Psycho was involved in his own success. (Probably should’ve been a sign they weren’t doing the title match when Psycho couldn’t pin Texano; they’re moving on.) At least Psycho Clown’s spike filled vest looked great. Really weird to do a bit where the rudos, regardless of the group, are all unified in welcoming Black Warrior only to have the rudos fighting each other for most of this match. Also weird to see a guy get unmasked and that bit not being treated like a big deal right after a post match attack where unmasking a guy is the worst possible thing. Black Warrior did not look good, as much a speed issue as anything, but I’m going to wait until a non-stupid match to evaluate him. (That probably means Rey de Reyes is out of the question too.) Psycho Clown’s Canadian Destroyer on Psicosis was the worst one of those I’ve seen, and I feel like I’ve seen so many lately. There are far worse matches, but I would recommend watching the previous match twice instead of watching this once.