Blue Demon & Juice off Rey de Reyes, Mistico explains his abscene, Flamita wins in Japan

Blue Demon will be off tonight’s Rey de Reyes show, with the same unspecified family personal issues which kept him off the WWL shows last week. Demon revealed this in Saturday’s Metro newspaper. AAA hasn’t acknowledged this or explained what they’ll do with the Chessman versus Demon match for the Latin American Championship tonight.

(I guess this means Octagon is not a reliable source of scoops?)

Juventud Guerrera is also off the show; he says the doctors will not permit him to wrestle. AAA hasn’t mentioned this situation either. That makes the cage match 4 on 3, unless they just pull Fenix out of it to do a singles match with Chessman instead.

In other absence news, Mistico la Nueva Era shot down Sin Cara’s (deleted) Twitter message. Sin Cara had briefly alleged Mistico was pulled from the show for being drunk. Mistico responded on Facebook that he was never programmed for the show, the poster on the internet was an error, he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol and he was actually on the beach until 9:15. That’s a pretty good Friday night. and something I translated wrong.

I didn’t believe Sin Cara’s story, but I don’t actually believe this one either. “Typo on the internet” for a full week seems highly unlikely in general. Mistico wasn’t just on the poster, he was also on the preview of the card CMLL press department sent out and they always quietly sneak in any changes to card on that. (I’d guess the posters around the arena had Mistico listed, but I don’t know that for sure.) Mistico was scheduled for this card, he was pulled at some point, we may never know when/why.

Flamita won Dragon Gate’s Open The Brave Gate championship earlier today in Wakayama.

Black Terry Jr. has photos of last night’s AULL show, where it appears Octagon won the main event.

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CMLL promo for Dos Leyendas.

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Hijo de Rey Misterio is coming to Chicago next weekend, and it appears to be the new one.

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3 thoughts to “Blue Demon & Juice off Rey de Reyes, Mistico explains his abscene, Flamita wins in Japan”

  1. Shoot, it’s a shame about demon, that was going to be a promising match, if juventud is out as well they will turn the cage match in a 3 vs 3 match and they might turn a chessman vs fenix for the AAA fusion title, my predictions: Daga keeps the crucero title, aerostar and drago deserve the title, but I think that fantasma and psicosis will win, if there is a chessman vs fenix for fusion title, chessman will win, in the cage hamburguesa loses OR Steve pain, the society beats up the AAA team and black warrior becomes new king, with sin cara appearing like a ghost tormenting him, I hope to see a new surprise, but I doubt that.

  2. I’d think normally they’d just strip Demon of the Latin American title and have Chessman beat whoever for it (rather than another title being put on the line.) If the plan still is for Demon to be a big part of AAA US, having him beat Chessman for a title early on is not a bad thing. But there may be more issues in play here.

    I guess I should do picks too! I didn’t do a full preview because I think I’ve said all that’s useful to say about the show already. (It’s not much.)

    – Tecnicos win mixed opener

    – Daga keeps his title – much more interesting to see where Daga’s at – he has not been as good the last 12 months as he was before he won the title and there are other people much better than him (just not in this match.) If you just started watching now, you’d have no idea why people were excited about him in the first place, he’s just a normal crusierweight. The other three guys have skills but also limitations, so it’d say a lot in Daga’s favor if he could make this work.

    – Angelico & Jack keep the tag titles. This is such a status quo card that I think they’ll keep that with the titles, but it also matters 0.00000000% who holds any belt right now. I figure they’re high on Angelico at the moment.

    – Nino beats Eterno in the cage match.

    – Tecnicos win the Jeff Jarrett trios match, so the rudos can invalidate it five seconds later and Karen & Marisela can continue their comedy that’s maybe not supposed to be comedy feud

    – Chessman beats whoever. The last time Chessman won a singles match on a major show was 2009, in in Monterrey (!) when Charly Manson no-showed (!!) and Electroshock replaced him. His only other major show singles win was over Lady Apache, also at Rey de Reyes after they both lost a losers advances tag match. So this is his show, as long as bizarre things happen.

    – Zorro wins Rey de Reyes, hopefully his stick horse also gets a crown.

    No live chat tonight because all we’ll be doing is looking at Twitter so we might as well just stick to Twitter.

  3. This Sin Cara “twitter war” looks very funny to me)

    “and something I translated wrong”

    There was written that he was in Arena Mexico doing photos till 9:15 (with the fans, i guess).

    Alcohol, no alcohol – who cares?!?! Now we got Internet-feud between two Misticos=)

    “- Zorro wins Rey de Reyes, hopefully his stick horse also gets a crown.”

    So, it’s going to be rudo vs rudo for Megacampeonato at Triplemania?

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