03/03 AAA TV Results (Irapuato)

AAA TV (MON) 03/03/2014 Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato [AAA]
1) Dinastía b Mini Charly Manson [AAA MINI]
Dinastia kept the title with a Spanish Fly. Fourth defense.
2) Drago, Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake b Sexy Lady, Sexy Star, Steve Pain
Drago replaced Zumbi. Jennifer submitted Sexy Lady. Pentagon Jr. ran out and attacked Faby & Drago.
3) Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans b Daga, Pentagón Jr., Psicosis
Suicide got some revenge on Pentagon Jr. by beating him with a Shooting Star Press. Rudos attacked after the match but Faby Apache & Drago ran Pentagon off and confirmed their title match for Rey de Reyes.
4) Chessman, Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King b Axel, Electroshock, Gronda
Gronda (II) was the surprise luchador. He lost. AAA’s recap assures the Chessman/Demon rivalry will continue.
5) Parka Negra, Texano, Zorro b Cibernético, La Parka, Psycho Clown
Zorro hit Parka with the cane for the win.

Air Date: 03/15, with one match as a dark match. (Maybe the fourth?)

AAA said this was a sell out.

A list of AAA’s recent surprises

  • Black Warrior, from the fringes of the lucha libre world
  • 30 seconds of a semi obscured Sin Cara posing
  • Gronda II, from the fringes of AAA’s own roster

AAA is not overwhelming in this category. They’ve also listed mystery spots which ended up being rudo Super Fly and debuting Demon Rocker, but neither of those were played up.

On the other hand, Gronda was most definitely a surprise. No one saw that one coming. It was his first TV appearance in 4.5 years, but he’s still worked off TV for AAA most of that time. Blue Demon Jr. is definitely mentions as being on Rey de Reyes, so I’m unsure why he wasn’t here. I think there’s a possibility that whatever contract Demon was supposed to sign with AAA hasn’t been agreed to yet, but we’ll know everything we need to know about that after Rey de Reyes. Gronda is like a fire extinguisher – red, heavy, full of gas and only used in emergencies – but they’ve got plenty of time to sort things out.

Of more immediate concern to me is not being sure if Psycho Clown and Texano Jr. are meant to have a title match, meant to be in a trios, or not doing anything in particular on Rey de Reyes. Maybe that’s something that’ll make more sense on TV but it’s been downplayed in results the last couple of weeks.

The one match set for Rey de Reyes is Drago & Faby Apache vs Pentagon Jr. & Sexy Star, with no other teams apparently involved. That leaves a lot of people with nothing in particular to do for one of AAA’s bigger shows of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing the Rey de Reyes card, because AAA’s probably going to add things which haven’t been revealed in the results just to fill it out.

Next taping is that Rey de Reyes card, 03/16, in Monterrey.