2013 watch later catchup, part 10

Break for too many gifs. You see many things in 45 minute ciberneticos.

Solar has the best one arm backbreaker

02-16: Eterno, Judas el Traidor, Negro Navarro vs Daga, Decnnis, Solar I (UWE, http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/) – good match, but really two good distinct matches. There’s a moment early where Solar comes in to face Navarro, and Negro instead sits one rope to invite Decnnis in, then sits on another rope to invite Daga in. Neither take him up on it. It felt like it was Navarro ambushing them to show them up, but it did foreshadow how they weren’t going to have much to do with him. Negro & Solar did their match and the other four had their own match, and only Judas really intermixed between both matches. They were good enough separate that you wanted them to find a way to work them together, which they never did. Solar has the one arm backbreaker and Judas did well for himself here. It’s now odd to see Daga in the técnico position, though he didn’t really work any more tecnico than usual, just trading big spots with Eterno.

Daga vs Eterno
coming thru tope

09-22 (FUROR, via http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/): Canis Lupus, Puma (CMLL), Tiger vs Centvrión, Guerrero Maya Jr., Magnus – a fun match! Maybe not enough here to put in Great but I’m on the fence about it.. This was the first match of the Lupus/Maya program and so they feuded most of the match, but everyone got things to do – Tiger and Puma were all over this match, Puma having some really loud chops. Centvrion started slow and got better and Magnus was ok. The cradle reverse spot in the second fall had a superb payoff and was a nice set up to the end of that fall. Finish was a bit random considering where they

Blue Panther odd submission of the day

09-22 (FUROR, via http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/): Blue Panther, Brazo de Oro, Negro Casas vs Black Terry, Negro Navarro, Shu el Guerrero – GREAT. Slightly better than the other one. I was not expecting a lot of Brazo de Oro and Shu but they fit in perfectly fine in here and Shu and Casas had a good size difference battle. I guess that was the way with the entire match – there were a lot of good moments and individual matchups, though it was lacking an overall story. The Panther versus Navarro moments were good, the Casas vs Navarro moments were good, Terry vs Panther was good and those two had a nice finish. This was probably the shortest of the run of maestros matches in this period but had more intermixing of usual people than most of them. Solar is great, but not having forced some different parts of Negro Navarro to come out.

Fenix as “high place from which Aerostar can leap”

06-23 (Fusion (indy), via http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/): Fenix vs Drago vs Aerostar vs Pentagon Jr.  -Big spot match from the start to the finish. Under 11 minute elimination match, which means someone leaves rather quick (sorry Drago) and pins are broken up for no logical reason. Crowd did get into Pentagon versus Fenix at the end, which wouldn’t have happened as easily if there were still two more guys around, but I still can’t get past the breaking up pins bit. (Crowd didn’t have that problem.) There were really cool spots, including the return of Pentagon killing everyone at the same time, but there was no particular build to those spots and the crowd wasn’t into it until the eliminations starting telling a story the luchadors weren’t doing on their own. It was really what these guys normally cut down for time. Aerostar should really stop asking Pentagon Jr. to chop him, it never ends well.

destruction everywhere
Sky Angel crushed by flying object

08-27  (IWRG/FILL, via http://tvluchadelpasado.wordpress.com/): Gym Rivera vs GYM IWRG:  I haven’t watched most of the gym battles, but this visiting crew was maybe the least impressive of the ones I’ve seen. It’s a trainee show and they’re there to learn, but there were more cringe worthy moments than these ciberneticos usually provide. Guerrero Mixitco and Ciclon Black were the best two of Team Neza, but even they had their up and down moments; Ciclon really struggled in the last push to home. Karate Kid got tagged in, was totally weird, got splashed on the floor, was pinned and eliminated – an amazing performance. Mini Gronda XXX has all the wrestling ability of the original. The IWRG guys looked much more steady, though there too not everyone had their best match. There were definitely good moments, but this wasn’t a steady match. It was also not a greatly laid out one – plenty of moments with impressive moves which weren’t finishes because the guy taking the move was actually getting winning the fall 30 seconds later. Tony did great work as a manager, sot hat’s one positive thing.

foiled by the ropes!
the end of Karate Kid
frontcracker/suicide mission
dropkick to the face
Dragon Celestial tope con giro

12-05 Alfa, Dragón Celestial, Omega vs Douki, Imposible, Kalim Black (IWRG): sometimes, I pick these matches blindly based on the names and strike gold. Sometimes, I pick them and they’re bad. This time, it was just a match. Everything was OK enough and there were a few interesting moments, but it actually felt more like a CMLL segunda than an IWRG one; there was not the usual craziness. Kalim Black, who already seems to be long gone, was alright here. Same with Omega & Alfa. I can’t think of much to say about this one.