03/03 AAA TV Lineup (Irapuato) – last show before Rey de Reyes

AAA TV (MON) 03/03/2014 Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato
1) Dinastía vs Mini Charly Manson [AAA MINI]
Dinastia is champion
2) Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Zumbi vs Sexy Lady, Sexy Star, Steve Pain
3) Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Daga, Pentagón Jr., Psicosis
4) ?, Axel, Electroshock vs Chessman, Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King
5) Cibernético, La Parka, Psycho Clown vs Parka Negra, Texano, Zorro

Air Date: 03/15 (Rey de Reyes starts on 03/22.)

This looks like a mostly re-enforcement leading into Rey de Reyes; not much new, but just running the same feuds as last week TV build up to that show. The main event has the probable title match (Psycho & Texano), two of the guys in the Rey de Reyes final (Parka & Zorro) and two guys likely to be in whatever tag match they do with Jarrett this time (Cibernetico & Parka Negra.) This also reenforces that the Gimansio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera show will be one of those classic AAA shows where a million different things will happen at once. For future reference, here’s a textual representation of the AAA TV pattern:

TV taping 1: not much
TV taping 2: not much
TV taping 3: not much
TV taping 4: not much
TV taping 5: not much
TV taping 7: not much
Major card

Happens every time. It’d be a much more entertaining week to week show if they could spread out the craziness a bit better.

What usually happens is some really fun matches sneak thru on the not much shows, because the guys who can work are also the guys who very rarely get stuff to do so they’re all just thrown together (and that seems to be happening again at Rey de Reyes judging from the tercera) and magic happen. AAA hasn’t really had as much magic this cycle around. That tercera is the best chance for it this time around.

In other things which I’ll type in caps even though I shouldn’t, WHY IS AXEL STILL HERE? He’s not very good, he hasn’t been much good in AAA, he’s never been much of a star, and he’s a walking lawsuit magnet. Axel seems like a good dude, but it feels like Axel is here as spite, which is not an entertaining reason to book someone. This would be a great opportunity for AAA to give Axel a chance to explain why he’s here (though hopefully not remembering the dropped feud with Daga), instead of just throwing him out there and pretending people are going to care or it’s a good use of anyone’s time.

That semimain also means whoever the mystery guy is on the Rey de Reyes block is probably teaming with Electroshock and Axel versus Consejo & Chessman in his second match. Those are all upper level guys, but they are also very definitely not top guys as AAA’s used them, so that’s the level they’re slotting the new guy.

Cuervo hasn’t been seen since he made the mixed tag title challenge to Faby and Drago, which means it’s still 50/50 that match happening at Rey de Reyes. Sexy Lady here might to set up the multiwoman Rey de Reyes title defense instead.

Timing is on schedule for the semiannual minis title match. Dinastia won the title on 02/18 last year, and this would be his second TV defense. There hasn’t felt like any feud to set this up – maybe that’ll also happen in DF – but I’m totally fine with a random singles title defense. It might have to be internet exclusive match, since the openers have been left off the five match shows this year.

Next show is 03/16