WWL, TerceraCaida, Kamaitachi, Konnan Big back in action

WWL held a press conference Wednesday to promote their early March shows. The lineups are as announced previously. Clown Corp – Dave the Clown and friends – ran in on the press conference and got into a fight with the wrestlers and owner Richard Negrin. That trio has been announced as participating on the shows but not for matches yet. Estrellas del Ring, Terra and LuchaWorld have recaps of the press conference. Black Terry Jr. has photos and video of the Clown Corp/WWL fight.

Last night’s TerceraCaida had a ton of guests, including the WWL wrestlers to promote those shows and Flamita & Rocky Lobo to promote the DTU show this weekend. There’s also a bunch of after the show clips: Belial & Impulso surprised with news they’re facing the Young Bucks at the ChilangaMask show, Rocky Lobo and Flamita talking to Japan, and more with the WWL luchadors. Alfredo has a recap of everything, pointing out Rocky Lobo & Flamita said they’re headed back to Japan in February.

CMLL had an interview with Kamaitachi, who debuts on Friday. I’ll be mispelling his name for some time to come. Kamaitachi says he was born in Tokyo, has been a professional for 4 years, weighs 93 kg, and is 173 cm tall. That’s not exactly what NJPW lists Watanabe at, but not that far off. (Namajague’s measurements were off a bit too.) Kamaitachi says he’s already enjoying Mexican tacos (“I ate 20”), will be sticking around for a year, and plans to accomplish more in that time than any luchador in the last 80 years – he’ll be the best for the next 90 or 100 years too.

Tonight’s DTU TV show has the top 3 matches from 11/09, including Joe Lider vs Angel o Demonio.

AAA helped out a charity which helps children of deceased soldiers.

An article hyping the Crash show in Tijuana Friday night claims “at least 9 lucha libre shows in Tijuana this year will draw more than 3000 people.” I have no idea where that number comes from, if it’s meant to mean the Crash will be running 9 shows or just some weird wild guess.

LuchaWorld also has KrisZ’s news update.

Guerrero Maya Jr. talks about reaching 10 years of lucha libre.

Ciclope says he and Los Macizos don’t need help to beat the Porros, but wouldn’t mind the fans helping. That seems like a bad idea.

Cronicas y Leyendas looks back at Lola Gonzalez vs Bull Nakano.

R de Rudo previews the homage to Torbellino Rojo show.

Lucha Libre in Japan

01/30 WNC: Shuri [O] b La Comandante [X], Lin Byron, Yuki Shizuki
The recap says this sets up a Makoto vs Shuri “for the REINA re-debut show on 02/16”. Poor REINA, redebuting again.

Also, Tenryu says he’s bringing back the UWA World Junior Championship. I assume he means the UWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship  and not the UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship (which at least two other people claim to hold.) I also assume I’ve personally offended Tenryu somehow and this is his cruel method of revenge.


indy (SUN) 02/02/2014 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Muerte Guerrera & Zagaz vs Coyote Jr. & Destroyer
2) Lady Flammer & Pedro Navajas vs Lady Maravilla & Super Jack
3) Cirio Negro I, Cirio Negro II, Golden Boy vs Babe Fox, Pee Wee, Principe Guerrero
4) Erika Sotelo & Larry Miranda vs Galactar & Rey Demonio
5) Konnan Big & Rico Rodriguez vs Dulce Kanela, Kamaro, Simbolo, Vudu

This is Konnan Big vs Kamaro but they’re announcing the run-ins ahead of time. It’s nice of them.

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