top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Sin Cara, the original Mistico, announced he’s a free agent. A few days later, Sin Cara announced he was not sure if he was a free agent or employed by WWE. He’s back! Sin Cara stated he’d like to work everywhere (CMLL, AAA, TXT as well as internationally) and not be tied to a single promotion. He claimed to have the rights to use the Sin Cara name in Mexico. He claimed to have no problem with Mistico II taking the name (since it was CMLL’s decision) and took responsibility for bringing him in to CMLL, but later said he didn’t like Mistico II and how CMLL makes Mistico’s II partners tone down their act to make him look better. And on and on. Sin Cara will be promoting his own show on Saturday, which will include his family members, AAA luchadors, and old rivals Black Warrior & Oriental.
  2. CMLL and NJPW’s FantasticaMania tour did very in Japan. Each of the five shows were reported as sell outs (though they’ve reported slightly higher numbers for Korakuen Hall in past years.) The in-ring product was well received, with Volador’s win over Mascara Dorada as the last match of the tour being the best match of the tour. Sombra got a big win over Ultimo Guerrero on that final show. Both Sombra and Rush (who lost to Nakamura) teased facing NJPW luchadors later this year. Mistico losing to Mephisto and not winning the Mexican Light Heavyweight Championship was the big surprise of the tournament, and suggests CMLL’s not as presently behind him as they used to be. Fuego’s wacky dancing entrance got over big, and he appeared to be the non-star who made the biggest name for himself on the trip. The three iPPVs for the tour aired without much technical problem (except for all the CMLL music being muted out.) FantasticaMania 2015 is all but officially announced.
  3. Shocker turned rudo on Rush. They had been feuding as tecnicos, but Shocker turned with the idea of fighting Rush directly. CMLL’s recently announced Dos Leyendas as happening on 03/21 and that Shocker/Rush hair match jumps to front of the line to main event that show, but it’s far from a sure thing.
  4. AAA started TV tapings for 2014 with shows in Naucalpan in Guerrero Negro. The latter show was less newsworthy, only notable for Zorro advancing in the Rey de Reyes tournament. The Naucalpan show set up Psycho Clown to get another Mega Title at Texano Jr., saw the Secta cost themselves a title match, and debuted a new Infernal Rocker. Also, Super Fly hilariously turned on Aerostar for the third time; the last two times never resulted in a singles match and were forgotten, maybe this one will go better.
  5. CMLL announced it’s Gran Alternativa tournament will start this week. They’ve also introduced a bunch of new luchadors and many of them will be in this tournament (where’s there is no overwhelming favorite.) CMLL’s also continued with the theme of Tuesdays as Nuevo Valores shows, including newer/different wrestlers in big matches. CMLL’s also changed up some of their factions, with Zacarias recruiting new members for Peste Negra and Negro Casas & Felino teaming more with Puma & Tiger.
  6. Arena Naucalpan, which hasn’t been running it’s usual Thursday night shows, announced they’d start running Wednesday shows in February. The building appears to be having some issue with sponsor Corona; their logo is no longer on the ring mat.
  • CMLL’s Mexico bound roster was very thinned out for a week due to the number of wrestlers in Japan. Of note, Super Porky suffered an injury that was supposed to sit him out for a couple weeks, and opted to not see the doctor and keep working the rest of the week.
  • Arena Coliseo Reynosa is closing down.
  • Vampiro won the IWRG Heavyweight Championship
  • Satanico defeated El Dandy in Tijuana at the start of a Dandy retirement tour.
  • Guadalajara local Gallo upset Arkangel to win Chile’s FULL Championship

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  1. The difference in attendance is due to the setup of the arena. They probably only had all the hard seats setup for the shows and didn’t allow standing room.

    Also muting the CMLL themes isn’t a technical issues. Musical rights in Japan are difficult and thus they likely were not allowed to use the music on the iPPV’s much like they can’t use half the music they actually had produced for themselves a decade ago (see Tenzan/Kojima/Nagata et al)

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