AAA has announced that Mini Chessman, Valentin Aguilar Garcia, has passed away. He would’ve turned 47 next month. Mini Chessman’s wife had early posted on Facebook (mentioned here) that he was in the hospital due to a respiratory infection and it appears that illness took his life.

Mini Chessman was a veteran member of AAA’s mini division. He started out in AAA as Espectrito II before switching over to his most recent character in 2004. Mini Chessman was mostly a background character, a solid rudo and would make a few TV appearances a year while working more often on non-TV events. His last TV appearance was back in April on Fusion, and his last known in-ring match was the New Year’s Day show in Arena Lopez Mateos.

Mini Chessman is the third person who worked for AAA to pass away due to illness since October, following El Brazo and Jesus Nunez’s deaths.