Todo x El Todo: 2013-05-26/2013-06-02

Super Maquina powerbomb on Poseidon

taped 2013-05-11 @ Gimnasio Juan De La Barrera
Bobby Lee Jr. & Poseidon (TxT) vs Imposible & Maquina Infernal: Wrong team won, that’s for sure. Posiedon really came off as too green for this show (to the point where you start to wonder who he’s related to in order to be on this show.) The TxT fans are the nicest in the country and they were turning on him in the second fall. Bobby Lee Jr. is old but okay. The rudos seemed better though not enough reign in the looseness of the tecnicos.


Esther Moreno german suplex

Esther Moreno & La Chola vs Diosa Maya & Violeta in a tournament quarterfinal Ruleta de la muerte torneo match: This was horrendous. Violeta seemed barely trained, not prepared and despised by Esther Moreno within in a couple of minutes. Violeta came off as as a morning show host player luchadora, but in a sort of arrogant way. C3 never got the right angle of it, but it looked like the Esther flying axhandle cracked Violeta in the head full force at the end of the match. It also looked like the planned finish was Esther hitting Cholta by mistake on that axhandle and Violeta/Diosa taking advantage to win, but the veterans decided they were not losing to Violeta under any circumstances and they’d make sense of it later. It didn’t really ever make sense that Esther & Chola still advanced in the tournament and that’s as good as any.


Lady Apache as her own referee

Chik Tormenta & Lady Apache vs Cristal & Rossy Moreno in a tournament quarterfinal Ruleta de la muerte torneo match: This was sedate compared to the other match, comptent luchadoras having a professional match. Cristal may be stretching that but had a better match than most of the people in the last one. Lady Apache is still great and should really be the Dr. Wagner or LA Park of women’s indy wrestling, used by every single promoter wanting to put on a show. Lady Apache is also a rare person I’d be totally fine with carrying around a random title belt, because she carries herself like she is the best in the world. (Or, alternatively, book her like Chilanga Mask uses Ricky Marvin.) She didn’t get to do a lot here but was good with what she had.


Esther Moreno tope con giro into Chola

Cristal & Rossy Moreno vs Esther Moreno & La Cholita in a tournament semifinal Ruleta de la muerte torneo match: Announcers did not really try to explain why Esther & Chola were here. They were sure they saved their mask and hair the last match, so they’re doing the commentary live. They’re also probably not told finishes, becuase they didn’t seem surprised at that outcome. None of these matches had clear ruda/tecnica side, just the Morenos doing theri sptos and the other people nto being very good. Kristal was worse here, which was just some moves and then a finish.


Rolling tornillo splash

Esther Moreno vs La Cholita, mask vs hair: Esther, earlier playing the Tougest Woman In The World, goes down to a light tap from Chola. It depends on who’s doing it. Crowd went completely silent when Chola beat Esther – any ring announcement was cut off from TV, bt the fans sure thought the match was over in 2 minutes with Esther losing her hair. The bit with all the other women coming to the ring was cut out, though the announcing does reference it. Announcers suggesting Esither was going to give Chola a Spanish Fly was the funniest thing ever, closely followed by the huracanrana which followed it. They must’ve really wanted to get Chola a payday but three matches was asking way too much from her and even one was iffy. On the other side, Esther went all Teddy Hart with an extra moonsault just to do an extra moonsault. This was nothing special.


Dr. Wagner vs LA Park in one gif (but there are a couple more)

Huracan Ramirez, Rayman, Villano IV vs Angel Blanco Jr., El Hijo del Medico Asesino, El Hijo del Solitario: a regular semimain indy veteran trios match given some more time. Everyone was fine but the first couple of falls didn’t do a lot for me and the finish came off as weak (and I’m not really sure why since it wasn’t any different than any other foul finish.) Rayman still looks really good.


only thing tougher than Wagner & Park are the chairs

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park: EXCELLENT. The reactions and situations around this match were great by themselves – the flaming chair, the guys in the crowd losing their minds when LA Park and Dr. Wagner were fighting among them, the security completely unable to contain them and trailing behind like the world’s largest posse, the doctor frantically trying to wrap Park’s gushing skull (and immediately taking him away after the match) – it was amazingly dramatic. Even the production was really good; this is a tough matchup to film sometimes as they drift into the crowd, but they did a great job of keeping up with them (and the shots of the flaming chair again were awesome. ) Dr. Wagner and LA Park exceeded everything going around them; they bring out the best of each other. LA Park destroyed Dr. Wagner in the first fall, which was good for Park’s destruction and better for Wagner selling it like nothing he normally does. There second fight in the crowd was a near riot, and their third fall could’ve been a match all on it’s own. A brutal match that ends in a typically indecisive matter.

random fan (?) consoles the loser

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  1. Poseidon is also known as Tritón in Laguna and he is part of Familia Diabolica. He is alot better at taking moves than giving them actually, but he is a real hard worker and with some time i’m sure he will grow to become a good wrestler!

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